Does Wearing A Tight Bra Cause Harm?

Most women wear a bra for over 10-12 hours each day. From the moment you get ready for work till you reach home, your bra remains a constant, much-required support. But did you know that almost 80% of women go about their day wearing the wrong bra size?

Worse yet, many of us wear a size too small or too tight because of sheer ignorance! Have you ever wondered if this could put your health at risk? What are the side-effects of wearing a tight bra?

Tight bra = A health risk

If you are wearing the wrong bra size, you will experience spillage, straps digging into your skin, a cagey restrictive feeling around your chest, band riding up your back, hooks leaving marks, bad posture, shortness of breath and general discomfort. Many women also experience headaches, backaches, pain in the rib-cage and neck pain as well. This is a big price to pay for wearing the wrong bra size! 

Can a tight bra increase the risk of breast cancer?

There is a growing debate about whether wearing a tight bra increases the risk of breast cancer. There are studies that support and oppose the theory. While some studies suggest that a tight bra can restrict the lymph fluids that lead to accumulation of breast cancer-causing toxins, others point out that this theory is pure myth. 

Educate yourself

Many of us forget that our body goes through many changes from puberty to adulthood, motherhood and menopause. Throughout these life changes, we fail to make appropriate bra changes as our body alters. Your mom may have helped you pick your first few bras but with age, you need to consult an expert to ensure you are wearing the right bra. Investing a few minutes educating yourself in this matter can save you from health risks and discomfort.

Know your bra size

While looking for a bra, ensure that the band wraps around your chest comfortably in a straight line, straps are comfortable, cups fit your breasts well and there is no side spillage. Keeping these few points in mind will help you choose a bra that is the right size for you.

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