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For most women, wearing a tight bra has become a habit; it is rarely identified as a problem. In fact, women aren’t even aware of the side effects of wearing a wrong-sized bra. So, it is high time that women educate themselves on the importance of getting the correct bra size. This seemingly minor change does wonders for a woman’s body in the long run. 

Here are a few tight-bra problems that almost every woman has faced at some point. For some, these might even be everyday problems.

Skin Irritation and Itching

Have you noticed that by the end of the workday, you’re frequently adjusting your bra straps and band? This happens when the bra is too tight and causes itching around the breasts. Continued scratching irritates the soft and tender skin around the breasts. Eventually, the discomfort is so great that wearing a bra becomes a nightmare. That’s why you probably can’t wait to get home and rid yourself of that bra you have on.

Body Marks 

Tight bras leave unwanted marks on the body. These are usually at the breast line, shoulders and back. When the bra is too small, it digs into the skin, leaving you restless and uncomfortable. Over time, these marks darken, and removing them becomes a challenge. That’s why you need to throw away those painfully tight bras and wear ones your body can breathe in.  

Pains and Poor Blood Circulation 

This is an often-overlooked side effect of wearing a tight bra. If the fit is too snug and the shoulder straps dig into the skin, many women suffer extreme pain in the neck and shoulders. This pressure on the neck can cause stiffness, cervical pains, shoulder and backaches, as well as headaches! Improper blood circulation in the chest region is another side effect. For all you know, your poor sleep quality at night might be a side effect of wearing tight bras.

Unsightly Spillage

Another tight-bra problem women seem oblivious to is spillage when the breasts pop out above the bra cup. Women mistakenly wear a smaller cup size to make their breasts look smaller. All that does is make the breasts spill out from the tops and sides. Moreover, a cup size too small can tamper with the natural shape of the breasts, and not in an appealing way. 

Bad Posture

A good posture speaks volumes about a person, especially for first impressions. If you have a perpetual slouch or hunch your shoulders too often, it may be because of tiredness or a side effect of wearing tight bras. And so, a tight bra might indirectly be robbing you of your energy, alertness, and happiness as it puts unnecessary pressure on your already stressed shoulders.       

Style Killer

Women often take too long to dress because their breasts don’t look that great in certain outfits. They start blaming the clothes, not realizing their bras are the culprits. Tight bras can ruin a dress by making the breasts look weird and unshapely. This problem can be fixed by replacing the bra and not the outfit!

Perpetuating Myths

All of the problems listed above are often results of misinformation and myths that tighter bras are better for breast shape and even health. By believing these notions, women are keeping the myth alive and suffering for it! It is time to debunk these myths and be more aware of what our bodies need. And that definitely doesn’t include tight bras.

Often, women end up wearing a bra that’s too tight because they don’t know what their correct size is! You could loosen the straps if your bra feels too tight, but knowing your fit is a must. If you need help figuring out your bra size, use the Fit Code quiz on Zivame. Measure yourself correctly and buy the perfect size to feel comfortable and confident. Remember, there is a bra for every breast size. Even if your breasts are heavier, you do not need to fit them into a smaller bra to get the perfect coverage and support. Instead, try our Minimiser Bra, available in different colors and designs now!

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