Uncategorized5 Workout Confessions That’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Own!

Let’s face it. Whether it’s using a machine wrongly or grunting weirdly while lifting, we’ve all had some embarrassing experiences at the gym. So, we asked a few fitness enthusiasts about their awkward encounters and here are a few real-time gym horror stories that left us laughing.

Confession 1:

“I sweat a lot and of course, while working out my clothes get damp and stick to my body. So when it gets super-hot, I sneakily pull the top of the tee and blow inside. While doing it once I unconsciously made eye contact with a stranger and it was a special kind of awkward.”

This, right here, is why you need some Zelocity activewear styles constructed with moisture wicking and quick-dry technology, in your wardrobe. And its breathable fabric keeps you cool right through the workout.

Confession 2:

“I was carrying some cash with me when I went for my Zumba classes. I was running late and didn’t have time to keep the money in the locker. So, I, not-so-wisely, decided to fit it in my sports bra and during the class, it flew out. You should have seen my face, it turned so red.”

If not money, we’ve all had carried something to the gym and wondered where to put it during the workout. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Zelocity leggings come with concealed pockets, so you can easily slip in that extra cash or locker keys!

Confession 3:

“While doing my strengthening exercises, I was stretching my legs and that’s when I noticed that my leggings were torn around the crotch. So I had to pull off a quick and awkward act to justify the ‘sudden pain in my knee’ and rush back home.”

Well, well, we have a solution for that. Our leggings are designed with stretch friendly fabric and 4-way stretch for unrestricted movement. They are all set to make sure that you aren’t embarrassed during your workout.

Confession 4:

“I wore a relaxed fit top to the gym. And only when I bent down to do planks, I realized that others can look down my tee. So I held the top of my tee between my teeth and worked out.”

What you need instead is a top with a comfortable and flattering fit and your best bet is to check out our range of tank tops and workout tees. And with our styles, you can put your hands up in the air and stretch without worrying about your tummy being exposed. Extra points for high neck design that provides extra coverage.

Confession 5:

“I was supposed to meet a couple of friends at a cafe before hitting the gym. So I carried an extra pair of clothes and decided to change at the gym. But while changing, I realized that I had forgotten my workout tee. So I exercised in a crop top and I’m PRETTY SURE people judged me.”

Time to stock up on some versatile athleisure styles that are perfect for both your hangout and your workout.

And you got to the end of it. It’s now time to pick activewear styles that’ll keep you embarrassment-free!


Team Zivame