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Whatever our daytime avatars, loafing around in sleepwear is a favourite pastime for a whole load of us. We at Zivame have sifted through this season’s releases, and curated the freshest sleepwear for you.

I dream… you dream… we all dream better in these PJs.

So, take a look, and take your pick!

Short Cotton Nighties 

Just as comfy as they are cute, these summer-friendly shorties come in soft cotton and might just make the cut as your favourite dresses ever. And the cute prints only add to the allure!


Pyjama Sets

If you’re not too comfortable with the roll-up that comes with nighties, these styles won’t ride up on you. They’re 100% cotton and styled in relaxed fits. Just throw on your favourite ganji, shirt, or tee over one and call it a night already.


No-sleep Nightwear

When sleep’s the last thing on your mind, you’ll want to have your choice from these racy numbers. Babydolls, slinky chemises and teddies. We’ve got all kinds of flavours in naughty nightwear.


Tops ’n’ Shorts Sets

If you’re a tee and shorts kinda gal, we’ve got a host of options in cute styles and breathable fabrics. After all, if it’s been a hard day’s night, don’t you owe it to yourself to make it super-comfy?


Long Nightdresses 

And when the nights call for decorous and warm nightwear – these long nighties tick all the right boxes.


Found your favourite style yet? Why not check out a few more?

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