UncategorizedMake Way for your ‘Not So Secret’ Santa

This year has been quite a roller coaster ride! So, giving away gifts of love and comfort has so much more meaning this Christmas. It’s the perfect time to spread extra love, give more hugs, lend a helping hand and tell people in our lives that we truly love them. That’s why we loved playing Santa and giving away gifts of comfort & style to delight you throughout 2020. Here are some of our top picks:

Miracle Bra:

The Miracle Bra is our gift to the ones who believe Bras are uncomfortable. We designed a Bra so light and seamless that you can’t even tell if you are wearing one! This full-coverage, supportive, super light Bra is perfect for wearing around the clock from AM-PM. Whether you are working from home, relaxing with a good book or going to bed- the Miracle Bra has your back all day long.

Wonder Wire Bra:

We all hate pokey underwires, right? The metal digging into our skin is never a good feeling, but the support is undeniably good. With the Wonder Wire Bra, we found a way to keep the best and weed out the worst. This Bra is designed with a metal-free, flexi wire for a no-poke feeling that lasts all day long. The seamless cups give you a smooth look and the underwires shape and support exactly like a Wired Bra. Now if that’s not a gift of love, we don’t know what is!

Saree Shapewear:

Not a big fan of the extra fabric of the petticoat spoiling your mermaid silhouette? That’s why we designed the Saree Shapewear – a modern underskirt + Shapewear combo to pair with Sarees, shimmery Lehengas, chic gowns & more. Designed to give you an hourglass shape, this unique Shapewear is totally seamless and can be worn comfortably for hours on end. It’s comfortable, functional and a multi-tasker- what else can you ask for?

Copper Face Mask:

This year was all about putting safety first. The antimicrobial properties of copper inspired us to design a mask infused with copper to keep viruses, fine particles & pollutants out of the mouth and nose. Designed with 3 layers of antimicrobial fabric, this mask is anti-infective, anti-odour, long wearing & reusable. It’s the gift of safety you truly deserve.

Antiviral Nightwear:

The thought of keeping you virus-free (even at night) inspired this Nightwear collection. These unique PJ sets, Nightdresses & Tops are designed with a special anti-microbial finish that protects you from any microbial or viral cross contamination. They even eliminate odour and protect against rashes, skin allergies and itching as well. Is there a better way to say that we care?

Z Lounge:

With all of us spending so much time indoors, we couldn’t think of anything you would want more than comfy and chic loungewear that can be worn inside and outside. Enter Z Loungewear! This collection features comfortable and subtle styles that are designed for everything between working from home to running errands and even going on coffee dates. Guess we gifted you with the best of both worlds!

With these gifts of love we hope we were able to show you that we truly care. If you wish to do the same for someone you love, log on to our website and give them the gift of comfort, style and confidence today!

Team Zivame