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Bridal Trousseau Shopping – Pre, During, and Post Wedding

Hey there lovelies! Wedding bells just around the corner? It is time to amp up your wedding trousseau with some exclusive lingerie pieces that’d keep you covered throughout your pre, during, and post-wedding needs. More often than not, there is so much focus on choosing the right wedding outfit for your Big Day; but that should never take away from the importance of picking the right lingerie to wear with it. Also, lingerie shopping for your wedding should not just be about shopping for your wedding ceremonies – ladies, you need to think Before and Beyond. In that case, Zivame’s collection of dreamy Bridal lingerie can be your ultimate resource! If you’re here to look for something plush to wear beneath your bridal outfit or a save for your honeymoon, we’ve rounded up our top favourites that you’ll want to wear over and over again.

Bridal Bras

From cute to sexy and plush to edgy – our Bridal Bra collection is an interesting concoction of wedding moods. We’ve got some of the most iconic bra styles for this wedding season, ready to be styled in myriad ways for our pretty brides-to-be.

  • Pre-Wedding 

The pre-wedding phase gives you butterflies in your stomach. There’s so much to do – shopping for your wedding, planning for the event, relaxing with your girlfriends, or simply indulging in some quality me-time at home. By all means, you need to slip into lingerie that scores high on comfort and helps you sail through all of it proactively. As an ideal solution, we’d suggest you enter the comfort zone with our non-padded non-wired Miracle Bras that keep you relaxed at all times of the day. One of these with a basic T-shirt and a pair of pyjamas or denims would work wonders when staying at home or even heading out for preps. 



  • Wedding

Bridal Lingerie is indeed a crucial part of your special occasion and can make a real difference in how you look or feel throughout. So, bridal shopping calls for prepping right for your sangeet, mehendi and cocktail parties. Start with pampering yourself in a comfy Seamless Bra that fits you like a glove. Apart from giving you an invisible and smooth look underneath your outfit, this one’s all about comfort, especially when you have to sit for long hours to get your Mehendi done perfectly.

Thinking of wearing an off-shoulder gown for your cocktail party? Opt for a sexy Strapless Bra and make heads turn! You can also wear a Pretty Back Bra or a cute Bralette paired with a skirt and a statement jacket for some serious twirling with your girlfriends on the dancefloor. If sarees are your thing, do not hesitate to team them up with a stunning backless blouse. Pair it with our Backless Bras and leave your worries of unwanted peek-a-boos aside.

strapless bras

Now, looking for something extra special and elegant to wear with your dreamy wedding day outfit? Worry not, ladies! Zivame’s Bridal Bra collection features a host of options that are the epitome of elegance and style. From gorgeous Lace Bras in reds and pinks to fun and flamboyant Push-Up Bras for a well-shaped gentle lift, we’ve ensured our brides are all in for the best of comfort, style, and sensuality on their wedding day.

lace bras

  • Post-Wedding

Honeymoons cannot be complete without Babydolls – both fun and flirty. Are we right or are we right, ladies? That said, our Statement Bras, with their incomparable style and versatility, is an absolute honeymoon must-have. These exclusive pieces, engineered with delicate fabrics, are embellished with interesting designs, either on the cups or straps, to add a little glam. They can be paired with just about anything, and make you feel good on the inside out.


Loungewear is an important addition to your bridal trousseau.  Think of it this way – in your treasure box of handpicked luxe lingerie pieces, lackluster loungewear no longer cuts the mustard, does it? Dig into some fresh Loungewear styles from Zivame without any further ado!


  • Pre-Wedding

You need to do better than a bobbly sweatpants and T-shirt combo when dressing for your much-awaited bachelorette party with your girlfriends at a resort or your home.  Deck up in a stylish Shorts Set, that’s not just comfortable, but covetable. Sneaking out for a late night walk with your fiancé just before the wedding? How about sporting a comfy pair of Joggers with a Boxy Crop Top? Get him drooling at your cuteness already!


  • Wedding

Its glam, glitz and paparazzi right at your doortep – so, make sure you wear the right loungewear before you click some #instaworthy pictures showing off your wedding-ready #bts. Explore all your possibilities here.

  • Post-Wedding

Replace your boring tracksuits with Zivame’s Capri Sets in quirky prints – an ideal late-night ice cream drive wear – they’re super comfy and look adorable. We’ve also got a range of Butter Soft Nightwear pieces for our dearest brides who love to add a hint of sensuality to their sleepwear. 



It is that time of the year when your Activewear outfits have become your favourite companion. Since you are leaving no stone unturned to get into your best shape, you might as well do it with perfection!

  • Pre-Wedding

Going the extra mile at the gym before the big day? Pick from our range of functional Activewear pieces for support coupled with style. Zivame’s Activewear collection comprises of sturdy Sports Bras, stretchy and breathable Leggings, and super comfy Tees to help you sail through those pre-wedding Zumba classes like a fashionista.

sports bras

  • Wedding

Need some calm on D-Day before all that madness begins? It’s time to immerse in meditation and Yoga. Slip into a Low-Impact Sports Bra, a T-Shirt and a pair of comfy Leggings. Start your day on a positive note.


  • Post-Wedding

Do not forget to pack your Activewear for your honeymoon. Early morning runs with your hubby are going to feel extra special when you are dressed to slay in a sexy athletic ensemble. 


Dear brides, you simply cannot go wrong with Shapewear.  It can literally make or break your entire look. Apart from hugging your curves naturally and giving you a perfectly sculpted look underneath your outfits, Zivame’s Shapewear collection vouches to give you an extra boost of confidence to step out in style.

  • Pre-Wedding

Shapewear gives you the right posture and shape when wearing frequently at home before your wedding. So, ladies, alongside your daily gym-rounds, ensure wearing shapewear like Tummy Tuckers and Thigh Shapers to get your body accustomed to a better form and posture.

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  • Wedding

Explore from our range of Bodysuits and Saree Shapers to achieve that flawlessly contoured look on your Big Day. These would accentuate your curves like none other and create a clean silhouette under your bridal outfit.

saree shapewear

  • Post-Wedding

Carry your Body-Sculpting Shaping Vests for your honeymoon without a second thought. You’d certainly not want to look out of shape after all that sumptuous food indulgence at your wedding party! 

Shop from our exclusive bridal collection of intimate wear, specially designed for our dearest giggling brides. All we can say is, you’re in for a treat! 

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