UncategorizedNo Rules December – Variety is the Spice of Life!

No Rules December – Variety is the Spice of Life!

We love our dal-chawal, right? Now imagine eating it over and over again! Ugh, just the thought of it makes us shudder. Now imagine the same with your lingerie. How boring would it be if we were stuck with the same white and black conical Bra for all outfits and all possible occasions! Food for thought – imagine that with your backless choli! Sorry for the imagery, girls! *Shudders*


Bringing some variety in our wardrobe, especially to our lingerie collection is essential bras. Lingerie is so deeply personal to most of us, it is one of the first things we dress ourselves in before we begin our day. It gives us comfort and the confidence to take on the world. Indulging in gorgeous lingerie is not just a necessity, it is an expression of self-care and self-love. Just like an expensive bag or a stunning lipstick; a gorgeous Bra collection is like chicken soup for our soul! We need it and we earned it!

Build your collection today by saying no to boring basics and saying yes to gorgeous colours and endless styles with Zivame Bras. We have Bras for your every mood. Feeling bold today? Go with a Plunge-Neck Bra with that floral blouse. Feeling feminine? A Lace Bra will compliment your flowy dress perfectly. If you’ve got errands to run, go for a cool Sports Bra to complete your athleisure look. There are so many choices of gorgeous colours, designs and prints like stripes, florals, pastels, lace, polka dots- you will never go back to basics.

We are sure our peppy floral push-up Bra will cheer you up on a Monday morning! In fact, you could start every day of the week with something special- a little secret that only you about! It is just a little effort to make yourself happy, feel confident and sexy. Don’t hold back and bring some spice in your wardrobe. 


Head to Zivame and check out our stunning range of Bras to build your colourful and stylish collection today!


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