UncategorizedAll You Must Know About Fabrics Ideal For Nightwear

Did you know humans spend one-third of their entire lives sleeping? Well, in that case, it better be worth the experience right? Getting a sound sleep at night also plays a major role in your health and well-being.  While many of you must think that getting dressed is only a daytime affair, it is time to break the bubble and realize the importance of wearing the right clothes under the covers at night as well. 

If you aren’t dressed in comfy breathable fabrics while sleeping, you might end up having a disturbed nap, a cranky mood and a lethargic day the morning after. So, without any further ado, let us take you through understanding the relevance of ideal night-time outfits and what exactly you should wear to bed.

Things To Keep In Mind 

The first thing to keep in mind while picking suitable sleepwear is the weather. The weather could be anything from hot and humid to cool and windy, so a one-size-fits-all mantra wouldn’t really work if you plan to rely on just one go-to bedtime outfit.

Hotter weather demands breathable and lightweight fabric in sleepwear to keep your body cool and comfortable. Whereas, you may opt for thicker fabrics when tucking under the sheets on cozy winter nights. Wearing summer-friendly fabrics on chilly nights would definitely not help because they aren’t designed to keep your body insulated. Another thing that you must be mindful of is the kind of silhouette that you would like to pick. Something that is breezy and flowy is ideally suited for the summers, whereas Sleepwear that has a slim and sleek fit with ribbed cuffs is apt for winters.

What Sleepwear To Wear During Spring-Summer?

During the spring or summer season, you must ideally wear natural fibres such as cotton, modal, viscose, rayon, flax, linen and tencel. These fabrics are designed to keep you much more comfortable in warmer temperatures. They are supremely breathable and lightweight in comparison to other fabrics.

Moreover, they are also softer, cooler, more durable and easy to care fabrics ideally suited for regular Sleepwear needs. You can opt for a cool cotton Pyjama Set or a pretty mid-length Nightdress from Zivame – best-suited for spring summers. For hotter days ahead, you can also keep our cute cotton Capri Sets and Shorts Sets ready at hand.

What Sleepwear To Wear During Winters?

For winters, you must choose fabrics and fibres that provide your body an optimum warmth by insulation. Polyester blend, wool, or silk could be your best bet in that case. You can wear poly-knitted single jerseys and cotton flannels, which are brushed softly to make the fabric fluffier and warmer. 

Some of the other preferred fabrics during winters are fur, velour, polar fleece, heavy waffle, rib, and so on. All these fabrics are warmer and denser in nature, which traps the air and keeps your body warm and comfortable at night. For example, this full-sleeved Pyjama Set made out of poly elastane fabric can keep you covered throughout those chilly winter nights.

So, now that you are well-equipped to pick the best sleepwear fabrics for yourself, simply head to Zivame and pick a few different ones to match the needs of different seasons. 

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