Uncategorized5 Types Of Dresses & The Bras You Need For Them!

There’s nothing like a dress to make you feel extra feminine and pretty! With so many types of dresses available to women, you’re sure to find what suits you best. But it’s always a task to find the right kind of bra to suit your dresses. Lucky for you, we’ve put together this handy guide so you’ll never have a bra crisis before heading out!

#1 Bodycon Dress

A close-fitted, tight dress usually made of any stretchy fabric so it sticks to your skin, the bodycon dress is best worn with a clean finish bra. Because it sits so close to your body, you don’t want any lines showing through the dress, and a smooth, clean finish T-shirt bra is your best bet!

#2 Halter Dress

A style that goes from evening formals to party casuals, a halter dress is perfect for any occasion. The bra you need for a halter dress is a halter neck bra. With a neckline that matches the dress, you can show off those shoulders!

#3 Off-Shoulder Dress

A style that’s been trending in different forms, the off-shoulder and its variants are great for a look that goes from day to night. Pair it with a fun glitter strap bra that you can show off!
#4 Backless Dress

Everyone’s clubbing wardrobe has one of these – that backless dress you pull out when you want to feel extra sexy! Yes, it’s the hardest dress to find a bra for, but we’ve got you! All you need are our transparent back bras and you’re ready to bring sexy back!

#5 Slip Dress

Effortlessly sexy, the slip dress is something you can dress up or dress down. Slip dresses tend to be super thin with a lot of skin-show so the best bra you can wear with this is a stick-on. Self-adhesive cups without a band or straps, this style is just what you need with a slip dress.

Now that you know which bras you need for your different types of dresses, explore more here!

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