UncategorizedHow To Get Rid of Bra Lines While Wearing Fitted Clothes

The worst thing that can happen to your perfectly put-together outfit is embarrassing bra lines being visible through the outfit. Come to imagine – how many times have you been annoyed by the sight of an ugly V-shape formed by the top of your bra cups peeking proudly from under a well-fitted top? We feel you girl! Let us help you nip this problem in the bud right.  We will look at the culprits first and then give you possible solutions to deliver on our promise, i.e., no bra lines showing through your shirt!

What causes bra lines to be seen through clothes?

Bra size is wrong – Finding the proper size and fit for your Bra is imperative. Unless your bra is sized properly, it will end up wrinkling and gaping due to the excess room between your bra cup and your breast.

Texture of fabric – Textured fabrics are undoubtedly pretty, but sometimes they are worn at the risk of causing unwanted lines from under your outfit. So, unless you are wearing these dainty beauties under heavier fabrics or are deliberately wanting a little show-off, avoid wearing them with fitted outfits.

Bra is worn out – There must be one bra that you reach for day in and day out. But it is important for you to remember that rotation does matter! If you keep wearing the same bra over and over again, chances are it may get worn out faster and cause these unwanted lines that won’t make you happy. 

Bra fabric is too thick – Another common offender is a bra’s thick fabric. For example, if you wear a Sports Bra with a tight-fitted Tank Top, the bra would obviously create lines near the band area. It may also make you look bulky.

Best bras To avoid lines through your clothes  

T-Shirt Bra – A seamless bra construction can play a major role in ensuring no visible bra lines through your clothes. So, T-shirt Bras are a preferred choice to avoid unwanted show-through. Designed with molded cups, it gives you a clean and neat finish. Fair to say, these bras would practically disappear under your outfit if you get the right size and fit. 

Seamless Shaper Bra – Zivame’s Seamless Shaper Bras ensure optimum bulge control and hold your breasts right. Ideally suited for fuller bust sizes, Seamless Shaper Bras, gives you a smooth and invisible look with zero side spillage.

Cami Bra Camisole Bras are sleek and supportive and pretty much should be your wardrobe staple if you are worried about visible bra lines peeking through your shirt. You can also customize them as they come with removable pads. Moreover, a lack of bulky seams makes a cami Bra look and feel like it is barely there!

Now that we have given you all the secret hacks to avoid bra lines showing through your shirt, it is time to explore what Zivame has got in store for you! Take complete control of what you want and rock those skin-fits like a pro!

Team Zivame