UncategorizedAll You Need To Know About The Benefits of a Nursing Bra

Regular bras may not be the right lingerie to wear when you are pregnant or lactating. At this time, your breasts undergo significant changes and you need to wear the right bra which takes care of the special needs during this stage of life. Yes, we are talking about a Nursing Bra. 

Nursing Bras are a saviour as they are designed to give your breasts the right support and comfort along with accommodating changes that happen to your breasts when you are pregnant or nursing, such as size and sensitivity. They usually come with clasps or hooks in the front so that you can easily open the flaps for feeding your child.

However, taking a leap towards the world of Nursing Bras might seem a little intimidating at first, but worry not ladies, we are here to make things easier for you. Let us simplify things by expanding on the benefits of a Nursing bra so that the switch becomes comfortable for you.

The Benefits of Wearing a Nursing Bra

Comfort – Despite not having underwires, Nursing Bras are designed to support your breasts optimally. The fabrics used in these bras are stretchable and allow enough room for fluctuating breast sizes at a pre and post-breastfeeding stage. The comfortable cotton lining provides comfort to your breast tissues during your nursing period. Moreover, the several rows of hooks at the back makes this bra easily adjustable.

Convenience – The conveniently placed clasps of a Nursing Bra makes it easy for you to hook and unhook the bra in seconds. This ensures quick and unhindered access to your breasts while feeding your baby.

Good HealthNormal bras have non-stretchable or restricted-stretch cup fabrics. So, they may cause discomfort if worn during your nursing phase. Moreover, underwired bras may dig into your tender breast tissues at this point and put pressure on the milk ducts. It is thus advised to switch to Nursing bras that are designed with the dual benefit of being both comfortable yet supportive for pregnant or lactating women. Rest assured, they will ensure that the blood flows freely within your soft breast tissues and keep them safe and healthy. 

Now that you have gained enough knowledge about Nursing Bras, it is time for you to bring one of these life saviours home. Explore Zivame’s range of Nursing Bras and enjoy your special days of motherhood with your little one without an inkling of discomfort. 

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