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The Ultimate Showdown: Bralette vs. Wireless Bra

Bras have been a major source of confidence and support for women for most ages now. There are various styles and patterns of Bras available in the market today, but in such an overwhelming sea of information, oftentimes, one tends to get confused about a Bra’s real use case. 

For example, how well-versed are you with the differences between a Bralette and a Wireless Bra? We know you love them both, but if you aren’t totally clear about their characteristics and the purpose they serve, you may never be able to pair them right  for suitable occasions. No need to fret ladies! Let Zivame simplify the difference between a Bralette and a Wireless Bra.

What is a Bralette?

A Bralette is a wirefree and lightly padded bra cum crop top that can be easily worn as both an innerwear as well as an outerwear. These bras have been popularized lately owing to their style and versatility in appearance. From lacy straps to flaunting necklines, Bralettes have been a hot favourite among women across all ages. It is a perfect pick for those who love wearing sheer shirts, open jackets or backless tops with a touch of sensuality. The thin lining of inner fabric keeps you comfortable and supports your breasts. 

Features of a Bralette

Typically, a Bralette comprises of the following features – 

  • They are wire-free, soft cup bras
  • They provide moderate shape and support
  • They come in various styles, patterns and embellishments

What is a Wireless Bra?

A Wireless Bra is also known as a non-wired bra which literally means that it has no wire insertions inside. These can be referred to regular bras that can be more comfortable to wear. The best part about wearing Wireless Bras is that they are easily able to adapt to the natural shape of your breasts. Women who are looking for light support and maximum comfort should ideally opt for Wireless Bras.

Features of Wireless Bra

Before you shop for Wireless Bras, be informed about its features:

  • They are wirefree and suitable for all bust sizes
  • They have a comfortable band and a soft, supple, stretchy fabric
  • They give you light support but maximum comfort 

Difference between a Bralette and a Wireless Bra

Let us understand the differences based on a few key points:


A Bralette is unmolded, so it gives you light support. A Wireless Bra also gives you light support but more comfort than a Bralette. A Bralette features unique cuts and designs; so it is often used as a fashion attire. But Wireless Bras on the contrary are known for enhancing the natural shape of your breasts. Bralettes are available in myriad styles, patterns, colours and prints. So, you can literally pair them with any outfit of your choice. 


You can wear a Bralette as a crop top – more like outerwear. They are a perfect match for travel and vacation. On the other hand, Wireless Bras are usually worn as an innerwear. 

Breast Type

Bralettes are ideally suited for small to average bust-size women. But Wireless bras can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.

Lastly, why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds, right? So what are you waiting for? Head to Zivame and check out our collection of Bralettes and Wireless Bras right away! 

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