UncategorizedAll You Need To Know About Thongs!

Thongs have recently become a popular choice for everyday underwear for many women and not just for avoiding visible panty lines. Sure, these are your go-to briefs under a tight pencil skirt or fitted pants, but with ever-evolving styles that are both flirty and functional they can easily take over your entire panty wardrobe.

The original thong has a front patch, a significantly thinner rear patch of cloth and a seamless waistband. Deemed quite naughty at its inception, the new variants have taken the spiciness to a whole new level.


The G-String:

A G-String has a triangular patch of cloth that covers your genitals with an elastic band or “string” bridging it to the rear end.

The C-String:

The definition of ‘absolutely no more than necessary’, a c-string is basically a g-string sans the waistband. However, you don’t have to worry about it falling off, it has a flexible internal wire holding it up.

The V-String:

As the name suggests, the rear end has a ‘V’ shaped patch of cloth attached to the waistband. Quite risque on its own, it does, however, offer more coverage than the G-String.

The Cheeky:

The most modest of the thong-family, this style offers quite some coverage at the back while still maintaining a cheeky vibe with exposed buttocks.

The Rio:

This variant zoomed to popularity from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. A perfect mix of bikini bottoms and g-strings, the Rio is often called a starter thong, making it your best bet for a seamless transition into the thong-lifestyle.

Now that we’ve enlightened you, shop your favourite styles!

Team Zivame