UncategorizedStyle Tips for Curvy Women

Styling is important for everyone, no matter what size you are. If you are curvy and feeling sidelined by trends, don’t worry! We have your back. There is no need to go back to baggy clothes; there is nothing to hide. This guide will show you how to celebrate your curves, much to everyone else’s envy!

There is no shame in having curves

Before we delve into styling, let’s address what is most important. YOU. If your curves are stopping you from living life to the fullest, we have a problem. Carrying the shame of being a full-figured woman is not acceptable anymore. It’s just a body type and a beautiful one at that! Accept and embrace yourself. Stop fixating on your size and do the things you love with passion. The only accessory you need is your confidence!

Wear what makes you happy

Enough about which body type can wear what! While it may be important aesthetically, break the rules if that makes you happy. Get that crop top, girl! With an increasing number of brands embracing size inclusivity- you will get almost every trendy piece in the market to rock your style. In fact, get an arsenal of crop tops and leggings (Athleisure trend alert!) because they are so comfortable and chic.

Invest in good lingerie

Pay good attention to this point and listen well, ladies! Wearing the right lingerie means a well-fitting bra and comfortable panties. It’s so important for us curvies to get this right. Brands like Zivame design bras specially for curvy women- sizes up to 44 G! Isn’t that amazing?

Choosing the right bra will give your body a flattering shape and your clothes will fit you better. There are bras designed for push-up effect so your dresses fit you at all the right places. You can go a bust size down by wearing a minimiser – tricking the eyes to make your bust line smaller can actually make you look more slender than before. This helps tremendously to balance out the proportions.

Shapewear- A game-changer

If you want a super-sculpted look where everything is cinched and tucked- Shapewear is your BFF. Let’s say you want to wear a figure-hugging dress on New Year’s eve; here’s what you do – Get your hands on a well-fitted bodysuit. The aim is not to drastically alter your shape but to enhance your curves and ensure there are no lumps and bumps. Similarly, if you are planning to wear a high-waisted skirt and wish to tuck in your stomach, get yourself a tummy tucker. The point is if you need help boosting your confidence, use the necessary tools!

Accessorize to suit your look

This is such an important but under-discussed point.  An accessory can make or break your look. It is applicable to people of all sizes. An accessory could be anything- a belt, shoes, bags, jackets, jewellery among others. 

For curvy women – If you wish to appear taller, lengthen your silhouette by wearing high heels. You can wear it with slim-fit jeans or a pencil skirt. You can also greatly benefit from a double-breasted jacket or a coat. It flatters curves like magic!  Throw in a belt to the mix when in doubt. Contrary to what you may think, your cinched waist looks fantastic! If you are feeling conscious about your apple booty, which you shouldn’t (it’s a trend on its own), carry a big tote! It’s all about proportions!

In the end, remember to never sell yourself short. Bring your confidence to the table every time. Experiment with your style and take some fashion risks. Keep that smile on and live life large!

Team Zivame