Why is 2021 going to be all about ‘Comfort First’?


The pandemonium that was 2020 gave us all a rhythmic sense of time, existence, and realizations. Kudos, for we managed to sail through it with all sorts of adjustments. We learned to adapt; and so did our wardrobes. High-fashion habits are in a state of limbo at the moment, waiting patiently to be picked up again. Meanwhile, Comfort fashion has taken over the world by a storm. Today, we swear by fashion that’s centered around our home-driven flexible lifestyles, and by all means, there’s no looking back!

Here’s to revisiting some of our newfound fashion trends during this pandemic. After all, there couldn’t have been a better time to reflect upon our personal transitions decked in the comfiest of clothing.

Discovering a unique camaraderie with Miracle Bras

There was a time in 2020 when wearing Bras at home didn’t even feel necessary. No hassles in pads, hooks, straps and clasps – what a sense of relief it was! But soon we figured, not wearing a Bra is a short-lived happiness that takes a backseat when there’s work or a little moving around required. We needed something to save us from sagging, yet give us the comfort of a second skin throughout the day. That’s when we discovered Zivame’s non-padded non-wired Miracle Bras – a revolutionary gift to womankind. Gardening on the terrace, cooking in the kitchen, and sipping some chamomile tea by the balcony, suddenly felt so much better. We cannot help but reaffirm – there was a lot of room for contemplation clearly because there wasn’t any room for discomfort.

miracle bra

Thinking beyond ordinary in stylish Loungewear

Loungewear that’s boring holds no space in our wardrobes anymore. We’ve got an upgrade! 2020 put us all in an unapologetic chill-luxe trend. We have replaced bland sweatpants with cool Joggers and basic T-shirts with Boxy Tops. Needless to say, we’ve found a great hack for staying motivated throughout the lockdown – wake up and fashion.  From taking work calls to binge-watching on Netflix, stylish & comfy Loungewear that easily took us from the bedroom to the bodega had us covered.


Dreaming about a new dawn in Butter Soft Nightwear

All of us dreamed about a new dawn all throughout 2020, didn’t we? Although, being snuggled in Nightwear that helped us sleep like a baby made that dreaming really… dreamy. Furthermore, lazing around at home, trying a hand at Dalgona coffee, and sleeping for long hours in the weekend have been our top-favourites wearing Zivame’s ultra-comfortable Nightwear. No matter what size we stretched to or shrunk in, we always found our sound sleep in them. 


Pushing Limits in Functional Activewear

More than anything else, 2020 has had us push our limits like never before. From testing our patience levels to staying in shape with zero scope of mobility at home, we’ve seen it all. Nonetheless, we lifted our spirits, got dressed in Zivame’s supremely functional Activewear outfits and got our workout routines in place. On days we needed a kick, all we needed was a High-Impact Sports Bra, a pair of stretchy Leggings and a boombox to do the talking! On other days, our morning yoga sessions were incomplete without Zivame’s Low-Impact Sports Bras. So far so good – we’re keeping up the activewear style regime otherwise too. So, it’d be unfair to not mention that we’ve fallen in love with Athleisure already!


This revived belief in the beauty of comfort is here to stay for now as well as the years to come. So, there isn’t any stepping back from basking in the comfort zone of Zivame. 

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