Uncategorized*Everything* You Need To Know About Activewear!

Do you simply slip into a loose tee and those decade old track pants before heading to the gym? We hope not! But if you do, then it’s about time you revamp your workout-wardrobe! ‘Cos ladies, trust us when we tell you, it’s probably not the best idea to work out in anything but active-wear. With the right workout attire, that combines support, comfort and fashion – not only can you enhance your performance at the gym, but you can also look stylish while you’re at it!

We tell you all you need to know about activewear – the whats, whys and hows! So read on!

Sports bras come in threes!
No, a comfy full-coverage padded bra cannot take the place of a sports bra – why? A sports bra is designed to support the bust, minimize the movement of your breasts during workouts and offer easy breathability.

‘But how’, you ask? These bras are made of a 4-way stretch fabric that stretches both horizontally and vertically, allowing easy movement for all exercises. Their compression technology minimises bounce during high-strength workouts and the quick-dry fabric used has moisture wicking properties that evaporates sweat quickly (YAY!).

Now ladies, if that wasn’t enough incentive enough, sports bras are even tailored to suit the type of workout you prefer! After all not all exercises are of the same intensity nor do they have the same impact on your body!

#1 Low-Impact: Perfect for low-intensity exercises, such as yoga, stretching and hiking – these bras offer mild compression with reduced bounce.

#2 Medium-Impact: These bras offer more compression, stronger support and prevent vertical and horizontal bounce during workouts. They are ideal for exercises like cycling, spinning etc.

#3 High-Impact: Offering maximum support and compression while eliminating vertical and horizontal bounce, these are perfect for high-intensity workouts. We’re talking aerobics, running etc.


Do you know about power leggings?
You may love those comfy track pants while you’re off on your morning run, but why wear those when you have power leggings? And with mesh patches and abstract prints, they look oh-so-stylish!

So let’s give you the low-down: These body-hugging leggings are made of 4-way stretch fabric that fits your curves perfectly and offers compression that not only tones your appearance but also prevents any jiggling of unwanted bulges on your thighs and calf muscles. They also have an anti-camel-toe gusset that prevents uncomfortable bunching of fabric near the crotch. Wait, we’ve saved the best for the last – the moisture-wicking fabric with anti-microbial properties ensures you will be odour-free post-workout!


Get the right type of training tee!
Ladies, the secret to a successful workout is the comfort of your clothing! Laugh all you want, but we’re not kidding! When you’re drenched in sweat, your tee is sticking to your body and you smell almost foul – you’re either *this* close to giving up or you’ve already picked the towel up! What you need is a comfortable training tee that keeps you fresh and energetic throughout your workout!

These printed styles are made of a lightweight breathable cotton fabric that is moisture-wicking and keeps you odour-free. They also have a seamless construction that stretches easily to fit your body.


That post-workout stylish jacket!
Well, it doesn’t have to be post-workout, you can wear it on your early morning run if it’s too chilly outside or during a late night jog too! But we love it ‘cos it’s perfect to layer-onto your gymming attire! Slip into it and head straight to that café outside the gym or simply to the market to finish your grocery shopping for the day – you pick! With its natural sheen, trendy prints to match our power leggings and cotton-like softness, this jacket is a must-buy!

We’re sure you can’t wait to buy these styles! So, we won’t bore you anymore!


Team Zivame