Experience the Joys of the Miracle Bra

After a hectic day, all some of us can dream of is to kick our shoes-off, unhook that bra and slip into something comfortable. It’s true! While there are some of us that prefer to wear a bra non-stop (the fear of sagging is real!) there are others that have a love-hate relationship with it.  Well, if you are not a super bra fan but unwillingly have to wear one, we have the perfect bra for you!

Zivame’s Miracle Bra is designed for women who like fuss-free bust support that gives maximum comfort. This bra is so light and comfortable it is like a second skin. It is the closest you will ever be to feeling bra-free while wearing one! 

The Miracle Bra is made of ultra light-weight fabric – you might just forget you are wearing a bra in the first place! It can be easily worn round-the-clock without worrying about taking it off at the end of the day. Yes! You can go to work in it, chill in it all-day, and sleep in it every day! It’s a miracle you have been waiting for!

The Miracle Bra is wire-free so you don’t have to deal with pokey underwires that dig into your skin. Since this bra is full coverage (no spillage whatsoever!) and non-padded it is loved by curvy women as well. It holds heavy breasts like a pro without ever making its presence felt! Available in sizes from 32 B up to 38 D!

What’s more? This amazing bra has no stitches on it! This makes it perfect for fitted outfits for that smooth, crease-free silhouette. If you are planning to buy a figure-hugging bandage dress- this is the bra for you! You will appear seamless and its smart bonded support will ensure you remain taut all day and night!

The Miracle Bra is the perfect AM- PM bra. It is available in subtle muted colours to help you transition from day to night seamlessly. Wear it to work with a smart collared blouse and pants. Trust us, your 8- hour work shift will feel like a cakewalk.

If you headed to a party later in the evening, just wear the convertible straps in a criss-cross manner with your racer-back dress. Top that with a red lipstick and statement earrings- you will be a sure shot head-turner!

When you are back home simply slip into your pyjama bottoms and call it a night! The pinch-free construction of the bra will ensure you sleep like a baby.

Ladies, you wished for it and we heard you! We assure you this will be the beginning of a love relationship with your bra! Head to Zivame and bring home a miracle! 

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