UncategorizedZivame’s True Curve Collection- An Essential for Plus-Sized Women

Standard Bra sizes have always been troublesome for plus-size ladies. Most brands make Bras in sizes which suit small-medium sized women. But for ladies measuring D cup and above, Bra shopping is no small feat. It can be a dismal and uncomfortable experience. Imagine squeezing into a C cup when you are actually a DD! Of course, there will be spillage, discomfort, and hiding behind ‘dupattas’ is but natural.

Enter- Zivame’s True Curv Collection! This amazing collection of Bras has been designed specially to cater to curvy women who are DD cup and above. This carefully crafted range of Bras has everything a curvy beauty needs. The right fit, broad straps and band, non-stretch full- coverage cups and a solid reinforced frame. What’s more? These Bras come in different styles from padded, non-padded, wired, wire-free, moulded smooth cups to cut & sew cups. After all, your body is beautiful and it needs to be celebrated in the best way possible. The True Curv Bra Collection is available in sizes 32 E- 44 E. Yes, you heard it right, 44 E! Amazing, isn’t it!?

Here are some Bras from the incredible True Curv Collection that address individual breast concerns:

Sag Lift Bra: Heavy breasts tend to sag and can appear droopy. Zivame’s Sag Lift Bra has non-stretch cups and shaping slings to lift and define the shape of a sagging bust. This Bra ensures that heavy breasts are well supported and appear perky when paired with different outfits. So, if your breast profile fits this description, a Sag Lift Bra can change the way your bust looks under Indian or Western wear. Don’t hold back anymore and start experimenting with your look today!

Try: Sag Lift Bra

True Curv Sag Lift Bra

Minimiser Bra: Plus-sized breasts can sometimes make you look disproportionate and top-heavy. This can make some women uncomfortable and unable to experiment with their looks. A Minimiser Bra is designed to fix this problem and make breasts appear smaller. It works by lifting and redistributing your breast tissue evenly and gives you a slimmer and trimmer silhouette. So, wearing a tight-fitting tee or a dupatta-less kurta is not a far-away dream after all. With a Minimiser Bra, you are free to chase your dream look, right away!

Try: Full Coverage Minimiser Bra

True Curv Single Layered Full Coverage Minimiser Bra

Super Support Bra: Are you a DD beauty constantly complaining of back pain and neck strain? If yes, the Super Support Bra has been crafted especially for you! Designed with a unique 4-way support system with three sectioned cups, this full-coverage bra holds the breasts firmly in one place and controls spillage. There is no need to be in any more physical discomfort, just switch to our Super Support Bra today!

Try: Full Coverage Super Support Bra

Padded Non-Wired Full Coverage Super Support Bra

T-Shirt Bra: Poking seams/Bra lines can really kill the look of a cute T-shirt. But for curvy women, the problem is double-edged. The quest to find a high-coverage T-shirt Bra can be next to impossible. But not here at Zivame!

Our True Curv T-shirt Bra is designed to have high-coverage cups that ensure no spillage from the neckline or sides. The cups are made of non-stretch fabric which offers superior support. The Bra offers padding with smooth moulded cups to give a clean look under any outfit. So, you can wear plain, tight-fitting T-shirts without the fear of awkward Bra lines or seams. If you have it (curves), then flaunt it!

Try: 3/4th Coverage T-Shirt Bra

Curvies, stop feeling apologetic for your size! Remember the song- “Big girls, you are beautiful”? Yes, you are! It’s time to conquer the world of comfort and style with Zivame’s True Curv Collection. Head to Zivame and bring home your favourite True Curv Bras today!

Team Zivame