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How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

First, I’m going to start by busting a myth – Shapewear is meant for special occasions only! NOT TRUE. You can wear shapewear every day to work or every time you’re looking for a smooth or sleeker finish!
Reading on will help you learn how to choose shapewear size & style based on your specific body shape.

Always Choose Your True Size!
Do you pick a smaller size thinking you’ll get a more sculpted look? Don’t! You’ll most definitely end up getting the opposite – awkward bulges. Instead, choose shapewear with extreme compression, made in your size & you’ll look up to 3X sleeker with no compromise on comfort or movement.
Shapewear is made in sizes that complement the outerwear size chart, i.e. if you wear a size Medium bodycon, you should pick a size Medium shapewear.

Pick Styles That Enhance Your Body Shape
Each of us generally fall into one of the templates below & each type has specific styles of shapewear that suit it best.

How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

Apple Shaped

Apple-shaped or V-shaped (inverted triangle) women with a comparatively heavier upper body have narrow hips and a short torso.

A shaping camisole is an ideal buy if you’re of this type. It’ll not just smoothen love handles & compress your bust but subsequently give the illusion of a longer torso.

How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped women, as the name implies, have significantly wider hips and their waist measurements are just lesser than their bust measurements. This type is also alternatively called triangle shaped.
A thigh-shaper works wonders for women of this body-type, targeting the love handles, muffin tops, the rear, and of course, the thighs. Helping you achieve a sleeker look.

How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

Hourglass Shaped

An hourglass-shaped woman has bust and hip measurements that roughly correspond to each other, and a cinched waist – enviable, no? This body-type tends to put on weight evenly all over and problem areas are the lower belly and saddlebags.
A shaping bodysuit is the most apt style for such women. It’ll provide invisible smoothening and lift, helping you feel confident!

How to Choose Shapewear Size & Style

Ruler Shaped

Ruler-shaped women (alternatively called rectangle/athletic) have almost the same bust, waist and hip measurements. Straight-bodied in general, women conforming to this shape, don’t pile weight on their sides, as much as they do on the front and back, i.e. at the belly and the butt.
A high-rise, rear enhancing brief works for all-day shaping, tucking in your tummy while giving your rear an enviable lift. It sits at your natural waist and smoothens any muffin top as well. The perfect all-day, invisible companion.

Now, choose your shapewear size & style by checking out your measurements against our size chart; pick from smoothening, medium compression, high compression or body sculpting shapewear to fit your needs.

Team Zivame