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Why Do Bra Straps Keep Falling Down?

Why Do Bra Straps Keep Falling Down?

Everything was going perfectly. You found your dream bra that fits in like your second skin with zero bulges. You got a beautiful lingerie bag to contain your intimate wares. But wait! Your bra strap insists on falling again and again. Just imagine the embarrassment when such incidents happen in an office meeting or a party. 

 Moreover, your awkward struggle to get it back in place without anyone noticing can be a big turn-off. Trust us, we all have been there. But is there a solution to bra slipping? Thankfully yes. Keep on reading as we try to identify the underlying causes of bra straps falling and tips to prevent them.  

Why do Bra Straps Slip Off the Shoulders?

Experts say that bra slips most likely happen due to loose straps. However, it might not always be the case. It can also happen due to gapping cups. Do you notice a gap between the top of your bra and your body? If yes, go for a smaller cup size to get rid of bra slipping. 

Tips to Keep your Bra Straps from Falling

Are you fed up with your bra straps slide-down instances in public places and events? If yes, follow these tips to prevent it:

Did you Tighten your Bra Straps Enough?

You see, one of the most prominent reasons is loose straps. Many women forget to tighten the straps of new bras. If you are also one of them, you know where you are lacking, girl. Ensure you tighten your bra straps just enough to fix them on the shoulders firmly.  

Give Bra Accessories a Try!

You have tightened your bra straps to the best of your capacity. But still, you experience strap falls. So how to keep bra straps from slipping off your shoulders? You might want to try some bra accessories to fix this issue. One of the most popular bra accessories is a racerback converter. It does an excellent job of keeping your bra straps neatly between the shoulder blades.  

 Are you Wearing your Bra Correctly?

You see, the way you wear a bra speaks volumes about its final fit. Are you always in a hurry to dress up? If your answer is yes, there are strong chances that you overlook putting up your bra properly. So, how to stop bra straps from slipping?

To prevent this awkward situation, make sure you run your hands through the strap and straighten them wherever necessary. That’s not all; pull your bra from back down to let it sit perfectly under the shoulder blades. Neither too low nor too high.

Is your Cup Size Changing?

Every woman experiences changes in their bra sizes. With the change in your breast size, your bra straps might also tend to slip. What should you do in such cases? 

Just get yourself fitted again, girl. Maybe you need to go up or down a few cup sizes. Once you identify the better fitting bra, you will experience that your straps will automatically stop slipping.

Say No to Bra Extenders

Do you use bra extenders? If yes, you should stop using it right away. Bra extenders, at times, can do more harm than benefit. They are used to expand the back of the bra, which will eventually result in bra strap slipping if you have rounded shoulders.

Check your Shoulders and Body Shape

We all have different body shapes and shoulders. Some women have square shoulders, while some have sloping or rounded shoulders. So, identify your body shape and pick a bra style that perfectly fits you. Experts recommend going for a bra that fills your cups, and the straps are away from the shoulders edge.

Did you Check your Back Band? 

Big back bands can also lead to bra slipping. How would you know if your band is big? Do you find that your bra straps sit further apart? If yes, they will eventually slide off once you start moving your hands and shoulders. Experts recommend going up for cup size and down for band size to rectify this issue. 


So, this was all about how to prevent bra straps from slipping. Remember, picking the right bra is not rocket science, provided you understand your body type and bra needs. Moreover, make sure you adjust your bra every time you wear it.

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Now that you have the solution, what are you waiting for?

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