How To Dress For The Gym

Working out is a blessing for our bodies and minds. Regular working out keeps us fit, helps expel body toxins and triggers the release of the ‘happiness hormone’. If you are a gym junkie or newly committed to a fitness regimen, you need the right outfit for your gym routine. There is a large variety of workout wear you can choose from, according to your ac tivity and comfort level. 

What’s more? You can take these outfits out of the gym any day and rock the Athleisure look (trend alert) with ease. It’s win-win! Here are some of our picks to help you dress for gym and beyond:

Sports Bra

Sports Bras are essential in every woman’s gym arsenal. No matter what your size, a good Sports Bra can lend you the much-needed support and minimize the bounce while you sweat it out in the gym. The pain and embarrassment without one is too much, isn’t it?

Go for a Low-impact Sports Bra if you want to do activities like walking and yoga. A Medium-impact Sports Bra is more suited for a dance class, for working out on an elliptical machine and pilates. A High-impact Sports Bra is essential for activities like running, CrossFit, strength training etc. Go ahead and get a well-fitted one today and thank us later!

Workout Tee/ Tank Top

Many women prefer working out in their sports bra as the only top-wear, but some of us like layering it with a Tee-shirt or a Tank Top. While picking out a workout Tee, it’s important to note that its material should be breathable and sweat-wicking. Polyester Tees/ Tank Tops made with moisture-wicking technology are a good choice for running, gym training, Zumba etc. Whereas,  Cotton-blend Tees/ Tank Tops are more suited for walking, yoga and pilates. 


Workout Shorts are great when you are working up a sweat. They give you freedom of movement, don’t stick to your legs and are quick to dry. They’re a great style statement and work well for weight-training, running and even yoga.  

If you prefer wearing shorts, we suggest you ensure that they’re of appropriate length and cover you well. After all, you don’t want them to become the cause of embarrassment during a deep- squat or while you attempt a downward-facing dog.


Leggings are great for women of all sizes and are available in a variety of styles and designs. They can be used for all workout activities be it running, Zumba, weight training or yoga. Leggings provide extra thigh support so everything remains taut and there is no jiggling whatsoever. 

Cotton-blend Leggings are suited for low to medium impact activities like walking, yoga and pilates. On the other hand, polyester-blend Leggings are more suited for running, Zumba, weight training, CrossFit etc since they are quick-drying and keep sweat patches away. 

Leggings are our favourite when it comes to rocking the Athleisure look. Come summer, winter or fall- Leggings are always in style. Pair your sports bra with leggings and chunky sneakers for a casual day look. Top that with a denim jacket and you are good to go!


If you go to the gym for their cool dance classes- Joggers are perfect for you! Joggers are loose, comfortable and quick drying. Since they grip you at the ankle, the ease of movement while dancing or running is great! Also, they look super cool with a sports bra, right? 

Now that we have given you a few tips on how to dress for gym, you can work towards your dream body in style! Choose from Zivame’s large Activewear collection and build your workout wardrobe, today!

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