FashionLingerie Hacks to Get You Holi Ready!

Looking forward to a day of being bombed with water balloons and splattered with bright Holi colours? Who wouldn’t! With all your pre-Holi skincare and post-Holi haircare already planned, you’ve only got one thing left – picking the right lingerie under that perfect play-time outfit!

We know you’ve always wanted to celebrate Holi like in the movies – in impractical white clothes, drinks mixed with bhang and that unchoreographed yet perfectly synchronized dance sequence to ‘Rang Barse’! Don’t know about the rest, but we show you how to embrace your love for colour and have a fashion-malfunction-free Holi!

#1 Show Off Some Colour

The dress code for most Holi parties is white, and this means, your bra is probably going to show as soon as the waterworks start. So why stick to plain and boring lingerie, when it’s the festival of colours? Opt for bra styles that are bold, bright and beautiful – think tangerine orange, berry red, fuschia pink, and lime green! Wear these vivid bras under your white button-downs, V-necks and kurtas, and show off the colour from inside and out!

#2 Get Some Padding In Place

If you’re the kind whose Holi is all about water guns and pichkaris, what you need is a lightly padded T-shirt bra. Its smooth cups prevent nipple-show even if you’re drenched with pink water! Go ahead, be the one to lead the attack with a water gun!

#3 Layer It Up With Camisoles

Need an extra layer of protection against the Holi madness? Try a camisole. Wear it under any outfit for complete coverage, and opt for a colourful style that you can show off under all that white you’ve got on!

#4 Say NO to Panty Lines

It’s one thing to show off bright bras under white tops, but visible coloured bottoms and panty lines are a big no! Wear panties with laser cut edges in neutral colours – you’ll be jumping into the pool instead of being pushed in!

Go on, get dunked, sprayed or coloured – let nothing hold you back!

This Holi, Be #FitForColour

Team Zivame