UncategorizedLove Your Body: It’s Okay To Talk About Eating Disorders


“Love Your Body.” Seems easy enough to say, right? But surprisingly, lots of women are unhappy with the way they look. And from there stem the eating disorders.
Eating disorders are all too common. Sufferers use food and unhealthy tactics like dieting, starving, bingeing and purging to cope with unpleasant and overwhelming emotions and stressful situations. It may seem to help for a short period of time but, in reality, it just deepens the chasm you’re trying to heal.

But you’ve got to know, it’s not just you. You’re not alone if you’ve ever felt less than thrilled with the mirror’s reflection. And it’s time for some comfort and solace.

The big thing we’ve got to do is catch those negative thoughts and just shove them away. Do you brush it off when people compliment you? That’s like throwing away water and wondering why you’re thirsty. Without any stumping arguments playing with your mind, accepting compliments, and even complimenting yourself becomes sooo much easier. And that helps way more than you’d think! As the Self-Doubt Girl starts fading, in comes the Fabulously Sassy Lady.


The next thing is talking about it. Everyone knows what eating disorders are. You’ll never find someone who’ll ask you what it is. Albeit surrounded by taboo, this is not something to keep quiet about. Nobody should ever be able to tell you when you can or cannot talk about YOUR body.

So, start out small and talk to a friend or your parents or anyone in your family. They’ll help you in re-igniting your confidence and in being happy with your true self.

If it’s too embarrassing or painful to talk to your close ones about it, there are always other options. There exist a number of organizations and helpline numbers you can reach out to at any given point. You can get all the information here. Just remember, you’re not alone. Ever.

There’s nothing more important than staying healthy and loving yourself. And when you love yourself, everything else falls in line!

Team Zivame