Uncategorized7 Grave Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie
7 Grave Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie

7 Grave Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie

Sure, the right kind of lingerie can make you look good and feel good; but we often end up choosing the one that looks good rather than the one that makes you feel good. Tell me if I’m wrong, but if you had to choose between well-fitting lingerie and a killer pair of stilettoes, it’s pretty obvious which one your credit card’s going to favour.

The right (or wrong) underwear has a reputation of making or breaking an outfit. How many times have you been uncomfortable with panty lines and slipping bra straps? The unfortunate truth is that most women tend to make some grave mistakes in the lingerie department.

Do the following statements ring a bell?

“Oh, it’s so pretty, I’ll just buy it. I’m sure it will fit.”
Uh, NO. Don’t do that, ever. Bras are ‘pretty’ only when they fit right. It’s the same as shopping for a pair of jeans. Would you blindly pick out a pair? No, right? Then why would you do the same with your bra that’s only trying to support you (quite literally)? The first time you are trying out a new brand, make sure you get measured correctly. Once you’ve hit bull’s eye with regards to cup and band size, you can experiment with different types of bras online.

“It doesn’t fit great, but it’ll do.”
If you’re looking for a fashion faux pas, then the ‘it’ll do for now’ mantra is just for you. The only way to avoid awkward bra/panty lines and daily discomfort, is to stop wearing underwear you have to hold your breath to squeeze into. Replace it with comfortable, right-sized, underwear that isn’t on a mission to leave angry red marks on your skin.

7 Grave Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie


“I don’t need a slip, do I?”
Yes you do! Especially if you own a sheer dress that you never end up wearing just because you don’t have the right underwear. White, black, and nude slips are a must-have for every woman’s lingerie drawer. It helps make your lingerie collection (and several outfits) complete, all while preventing wardrobe malfunctions you never even saw coming.

“I don’t have time, I’ll just wash ‘em in the washing machine.”
Once you’ve taken a leap of faith and splurged on good underwear, don’t throw it in the machine. Just. Don’t. Otherwise, your heart will take another leap when you pull it out of the washer. Lingerie needs tender lovin’ care, so ensure you follow wash instructions properly to prevent damaging the fabric. Not only will you get longer lasting innerwear, but the extra time spent to care for your lacies will save you money in the long run too.

7 Grave Mistakes Women Make With Lingerie

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“I don’t need shapewear.”
We, women, love our curves but there are some dresses we wish we could fit better into! If you’re curvacious like me and want to just tuck in those bulges a little to look toned, then shapewear is the way to go. Slip it on under a body hugging skirt or dress and you can feel the difference!

“I can wear any bra with this dress.”
Well, no! You may have that favourite go-to bra, but you can’t go to it with every dress! There’s a reason bras come in different styles, with different necklines and fits. Do some experimentation and customize your whole outfit with the right innerwear. Time to step into a world where every outfit you own has an inner-better-half.

“This is my favourite bra in the world; I’m not going to part with it!”
A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes, especially during pregnancy and weight loss. Holding on to your ‘favourite bra in the world’ isn’t going to do your chest any good. So, visit a fit store to get sized up, and upgrade to new innerwear for you.

Well, with a few simple dos and don’ts, you can not only avoid these mistakes, but also own the room, no matter what you wear. So, are you ready to shop right?

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