UncategorizedReasons to Fall In Love With the TrueCurv Collection


Gone are the days when being curvy meant boring and uncomfortable bras. How can we forget the frumpy, ill-fitting conical bras we had to endure in the early days? Thank God, those days are finally over! At Zivame, we understand the needs of women of all shapes and sizes. Keeping the curvy beauties in mind, our experts designed the TrueCurv Collection comprising of bras that flatter and celebrate curves. Here are a few reasons why we absolutely love it and need it:

Size Inclusivity

Tired of being turned away from stores for being a size too big? We hear you, sister! If you have a big band size but a small cup or vice versa- don’t worry, it doesn’t matter! The TrueCurv Collection has you covered- lock, stock and barrel! Just take our Fitcode Quiz and find your perfect bra size and fit. Sizes available from 32 D to 44 F!

Fits like a dream

Curvy women often complain about spillage, poor back support, pokey straps and overall discomfort. The TrueCurv Collection has specially designed bras that are effective minimisers, have high coverage (no unwanted cleavage display), have wide straps for shoulder support, provide side smoothening, and take care of underarm bulges like a pro. 

No sagging, no asymmetry, no back pain- just a flattering fit. This is the only true support system you will ever need!

A special mention for the strapless bras in the TrueCurv Collection. They are non-slip, non-slide and cater to sizes up to 40 G. Yes, you heard that right, 40 G! You can finally say yes to that tube dress!

Colours and styles

We can be spunky, demure, outdoorsy and love luxury at the same time. So, why not have bras that match our moods! The TrueCurv Collection has a host of different bra styles that will suit your personality and your wardrobe perfectly. You can choose between minimisers, underwired, lacy pushup bras, cotton t-shirt bras, strapless bras, high impact sports bras, bralettes, different necklines and the list goes on…

The TrueCurv Collection also has endless colours to choose from. Let the hardest decision you make today be choosing between a red hot lacy pushup bra for a date OR a lovely pastel high coverage bra for work.  What’s even better? Get ‘em both!

The TrueCurv Collection is a boon for every curvy girl who has been told NO. At Zivame, we ensure NO woman is left behind. We have your size and your style. So ladies, experiment with fashion fearlessly, embrace your unique style and celebrate your curves! Head to Zivame and check out the TrueCurv Collection today!


Team Zivame