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From the gym or Zumba membership to a trainer and your workout clothes, we all spend to get fit and healthy. The irony of it all is that more often than not, we end up cutting our costs on things that are most important to our health – like sports bras.

Picking The Same Type Of Sports Bra For All Workouts:
It is simply not a good practice to wear one type of sports bra to all kinds of workouts. The money saved will not be worth it, at all.

Like all bras, even sports bras are meant to support your breasts. However, unlike your regular ones, sports bras have a bigger burden to carry. They must support and minimize the movement of your breasts during workouts, while offering easy breathability. But not all workouts are of the same intensity, hence different sports bras are designed to handle various intensities.

There are 3 levels of impact that sports bras are built for:


1. Low Impact:
Low-impact sports bras offer mild compression and reliable support during low intensity exercises. They prevent mild bouncing of the breasts without pressing them too firmly against the chest wall.
Perfect For: Yoga, Stretching, Hiking


2. Medium Impact:
Medium-impact sports bras offer a little more compression and stronger support. Most medium-impact seamed sports bras are designed with compression encapsulation technology i.e a defined cup structure to hold each breast separately and engineered for vertical bounce reduction.
Perfect For: Power Walking, Spinning, Cycling


3. High Impact:
High impact sports bras offer maximum compression and support to your breasts. The cups hold the bust firmly in place, thus eliminating vertical as well as horizontal bounce during intense workouts. High-impact sports bras are designed with compression encapsulation, full coverage cups as well as side support.
Perfect For: Cardio workouts, Aerobics, Running


Note: Another decider for high impact bras is the size. Regardless of the level of activity, a high-impact sports bra will work better for women who wear bigger cup sizes.


We understand that it’s an investment to buy different kinds of sports bras for different exercises, but failing to support your breasts during workouts can cause sagging, back pain neck injury and even serious permanent damage your breast tissue among other things.

Pro tip: A high-impact sports bra can replace a low-impact one, but not the other way around.

Not a Fun Fact: 40% women* DON’T wear a sports bra while exercising.

Share this article with your besties and encourage them to use the right sports bra while exercising. They’ll thank you! ☺

*As per independent research conducted by Zivame, January 2017.

Go on, find your right fit and get moving!


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