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Put core fitness in the forefront in 2023 – Exercising your core provides more than just stability to the body. Adios back aches and stomach cramps! Your everyday movements are built on the crux of a strong back (and abs, of course). A strong core also helps with spinal and pelvic stability, so it’s a win-win overall.

For all these reasons and more, stabilising your core strength just has to top your resolution list this year, and we’re telling you about 5 ways you can!


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Strength and endurance. These are the words that come to your mind when you hear ‘Planks’, right? It’s probably one of the top-level exercises that promote core strength. When you’re holding your upper body, you’re conditioning not just your core. Your shoulders, arms, glutes, belly and back are all involved while working on your midsection muscles.  

Here’s a hot tip – switch it up from time to time and try side planks, cross-body planks or reverse planks.


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Kettlebell exercises are the OG all-rounders. They’re compound exercises, which means they engage your entire body when working out. While the famous kettlebell swing primarily engages your lower body (yep, the glutes and hamstrings!), it also requires the core to help with functional strength. Maintaining the right position and alignment definitely comes into the picture with kettlebell workouts!


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Brace your core, ladies! Crunch it up because that’s just one of the best ways to build your performance and stamina over time. Crunches have pioneered ab workouts for the longest time, and for good reason. You can start easy with a full body crunch and then gradually embrace a few variations such as incorporating an exercise ball to challenge yourself.



Life has its ups and downs – but we call them SQUATS! You’ve heard of squats for glutes, but have you ever heard of squats for your ab strength? They help strengthen your core by targeting more than one muscle group. With each squat, your spinal section is made more robust, and that adds to your core strength. 

If you’ve got mid-section strength building on your mind (and you should!), then check out some colourful fits from  Zivame’s Activewear range to support you while you work out.

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Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!

Heidi is here for all the “write reasons” If she’s not reading a book or drinking coffee, then she’s on the hunt for a good pun!