UncategorizedThe Pop Fresh Collection Is Here To #ColourYourWorkout

Don’t go hunting for workout motivation! We bring it to you with our vibrant Pop Fresh Collection. Designed to give you the best workout experience, this range puts the fun in functional with its quirky colours and smart features. Go on, take a look at some of the highlights of this collection.

Quick Dry Fabric

Don’t you just hate walking out of the gym covered in sweat and with your clothes clinging to you? Our Pop Fresh Collection is made with quick dry fabric that wicks away the moisture to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable during your exercise session.

Vibrant Colours

If you haven’t already added some colour to your workout apparel, then this is the time to go from basic to bold. Our Pop Fresh Collection has spunky prints for a bold look and bright colours to pep up your mood.  

High Quality Stretch

Ripping your pants at the gym isn’t half as funny in reality as it is in the movies. That’s exactly why our range was designed with high quality stretch fabric that’s made to move the way you do. What’s more, this material has high memory retention so it gets back to the original shape even after stretching.

Mesh Panels

Nobody likes to get hot and bothered during a workout. So, we’ve designed our Pop Fresh Collection with strategically placed mesh panels for increased breathability.

Targeted Compression

The Pop Fresh Collection is designed with Alphatone fabric that provides targeted compression on your muscles so help improve your performance.

Now, that you’ve seen the styles, are you game to play the game?


Team Zivame