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You put your headphones on, grab your phone and play your dance playlist. It starts with a beat that gets your feet tapping. Five minutes later, you’re halfway into your dance fitness workout! 

Dance fitness has been trending since the pandemic. And it’s one of the most popular forms of workout. You sing, you lunge and you jump – all to the beats of feet-tapping music, leaving you happily exhausted at the end of the session. Whether you do it solo, you do reps or you do it in a class, you’re enjoying your workout.

The Camel Walk? Swag Me Out?There are many 15-second dance routines that you can do.

Let’s see which of the routines you’ll step into and shuffle that playlist on!

The Camel Walk

  1. Lift your heel
  2. Step forward with your right foot flat on the floor
  3. Switch your body weight
  4. Do the same thing with your left foot
  5. Move forward with whichever foot you put weight on
  6. Rock your hips forward and backwards with each step
  7. Now use your arms too

The song you can play is: Believer by Imagine Dragons

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Swag Me Out

  1. Rock your body to the beat- Less is more.
  2. Soft bend your knees to remove stiffness
  3. Lean to each side while you’re still rocking your body
  4. Use your arms on the opposite side of the legs you’re leaning on

The song you can play: 20. “Numb/Encore,” Linkin Park feat. Jay-Z

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Zivame Activewear Sets

One-Shoulder Shimmy

  1. Put your arms out
  2. Shimmy your right shoulder and allow your left shoulder to go back a little
  3. Whenever your shoulder moves forward, add a foot tap on the same side
  4. Make it feel lazy and keep your weight all on one foot

The song you can play is: Temperature by Sean Paul

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Cabbage Patch with Knees

  1. Raise each of your knees with your legs facing outwards
  2. Lean towards the direction opposite of your knees
  3. Add arms and keep your hands parallel in front of you, like you’re holding a back

The song you can play is: Timber by Kesha

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You can pair your dance routine with the perfect sports bra to shimmy more! Create a playlist of your own and play it on shuffle. 

Get a pair of matching gym co-ords and put on those dancing shoes!

It’s time to shuffle. It’s time to get fit!

Team Zivame