FitnessTips for Travelling Solo: What Every Woman Needs to Know
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Always wanted to plan a solo-trip but weren’t sure if it was a safe option? Well, think again! With this guide full of travel tips and quips, we show every woman how to travel solo without getting taken for a ride! Be it during the journey, while sight-seeing, exploring local cuisines or finding a place to stay, here’s how to have a stress-free solo holiday!

1. Don’t act like a tourist. Duh
This one’s a given, right? But we often do things subconsciously without realising how touristy they really are. Walking around with your head in a map? Asking every second person for directions? Ladies, do your research before getting there!

2. Lie a little, it ain’t a sin. (Particularly when you’re travelling)
You know you’re travelling solo, but the whole world needn’t – honesty isn’t always the best policy! If you need to ask a stranger for directions, maybe try this:
“Can you tell me which way the art gallery is? I’m getting late to meet a friend!”.

3. Dress like you belong. Try to at least!
You may have planned pretty travel outfits for each day and each place you want to visit, but keep in mind, you don’t want to stand out too much. Flashy jewellery plus head-turning outfits are a big no – resist the temptation ladies!

4. Get your travel tips from local restaurants
The best way to get sight-seeing insights and travel tips is from local hotel staff. Before you head out for the day, get that hearty breakfast you deserve and all the info you need. Just ask for a table for 1 and start chatting with the local waiters at that quaint café to ask for their recommendations about the must-do things around town.

5. Go beyond selfies, it’s important for safety
It’s easy to forget names of places when you’re in a new area. Making notes in your phone is one way to remember, but capturing visuals is the best solution. Take photographs of your hotel and the buildings around it – so that you’ll know what to look for while navigating your way back!

6. Capture your taxi info
If commuting in taxis is a part of your daily routine, you probably wouldn’t think twice about hopping into one even while holidaying. But in unfamiliar places, taking extra precaution is the key to safety. Take a snap of the car’s number plate and any official registration, just in case.

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7. Put on some bling!
No, we don’t mean accessorise heavily – that’s just asking for trouble! But some solo travellers opt to sport a fake wedding ring to avoid unwanted advances from locals. If you’re all about enjoying peace and quiet and aren’t interested in mingling, well, you know what to do!

8. Lastly, stay connected
We know you’d ideally like to go off-grid and stay away from technology, but for your safety and for the peace-of-mind of your parents and friends – find free WiFi. Hop into a nearby café or fast-food joint for a couple of minutes, open WhatsApp or post a picture on Instagram before heading out again so you leave behind a social-media-breadcrumb trail!

Solo travel is one of the most self-indulgent things that every woman deserves to try at least once! Exploring the unknown, being on your own, and rediscovering yourself – what more could a girl ask for? We know! Free-spirited fashion for all those selfies you’re going to take! Check out our style recommendations:


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