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What Swimwear Suits My Shape?

What Swimwear Suits My Shape?

It’s hot, it’s time for a vacation and you are bound to be craving a trip to the beach or at least frequent trips to the pool. You don’t need to hesitate and not give in to your cravings just because you think you don’t have a bikini body.

Let us tell you a secret; every body is a bikini body!

Really, it’s just a matter of finding the perfect swimwear. This can be a tricky task for the uninitiated. Luckily, we are here to help.

First tip: Don’t use a trendy silhouette if it doesn’t fit you well. You would be better off rocking a retro look than failing with a new fad.

The smartest way to make a decision in finding the right swimsuit is to identify your body type and find a suit that complements it. The right suit should help you embellish your assets and underplay what you may think are your flaws.

So, what body type are you?


Ruler Shaped

What Swimwear Suits My Shape?

The width of your shoulders, waist and hips are about the same. This is a strong, athletic build. Don’t worry, you can choose from a fun range of string bikinis. Get used to being under the spotlight on the deck.


Pear Shaped

What Swimwear Suits My Shape?

Pear-shaped bodies are characterised by smaller busts and wider hips. Here’s a fun strategy; instead of hiding your wholesome bottom, draw attention to the top. Bandeau tops are your new, best friend. Try deep cuts, tie-ups and ruffles on your bikini top. Bright colours also work. Try to stay away from boyshort bikinis, you may think they help in covering your bottom but the added fabric simply draws more attention to it.


Apple Shaped

What Swimwear Suits My Shape?

An apple-shaped body is essentially heavy on top. A curvy bust and fuller tummy can easily be managed with the right suit. Opt for a body suit that flattens the tummy. Don’t shy away from the halters, or strapless styles. They’ll enhance your gorgeous curves. You can also use colour blocking to draw the eyes to your best features – bright colours where you want the eyes to go and dark colours to tone other areas.

Found your style? Now have fun and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! If you want to pick more swimwear, we’ve got tons of options for you.

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