UncategorizedThe Zelocity High Impact Sports Bras Are Here To Solve Your Workout Woes!

So you’ve got the new shoes, the new tracks and after making the 10 prerequisite resolutions, you’ve also got the gym membership. But it’s very likely you’re missing the most vital piece of workout gear you need – a good sports bra!

Most women tend to use their everyday, or any old sports bra for all kinds of workouts. But if you’re planning on really going at-it during your high intensity  workout, chances are that the simple ol’ bra will give you some trouble.

There is a whole bunch of problems that come with working out without a proper bra – irritation, digging, uncomfortable bounce are just a few of them. But, don’t worry, our newest range of High Impact Sports Bras can solve all those in a jiffy! Take a look!



Feel A Bounce When You Run? No More!

While working out, especially while running or during any strenuous activities, you are likely to experience discomfort due to bounce. This happens when your breasts are not properly supported while exercising. Instead, opt for our High Impact Sports Bras that come with a ‘No Bounce’ construction that ensures high compression. So, pain will be the last thing to distract you!




Bra Straps Chafing Your Skin? We Got It!

You might be lifting weights, doing push-ups, and running all in the span of one or two hours. Your everyday bra can’t provide the comfort you need for this kind of activity and more often than not, you’ll notice red marks and chafing on your skin. Why put up with that? Get a Zelocity High Impact Sports Bra that comes with super soft fabric for a comfortable and chafe-free workout!


Sweat Making Your Workout Difficult? No Problem!

Let’s not be bashful about it – we sweat. And we do it exceptionally well when we’re working on our fitness. Sweat is a great cause of discomfort while working out but the Zelocity High Impact Sports Bras have a special Insta-Dry feature that wicks off moisture and allows it to evaporate quickly! Workout comfort all the way!





Too Tight Or Too Loose? We Got You Covered!

The size Small is just a little too small and the size Medium is a bit too big, right? Too often, women put up with the wrong sized sports bra, just ‘cos they come in a few standard sizes. Say goodbye to sizing problems because the Zelocity High Impact Sports Bras come in sizes from 32B to 38C! Talk about #FitForAll!




Now, take your pick of these bold and bright sports bras, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about! 

Team Zivame