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Monsoon Game Plan To Stay Cosy Indoors!

Monsoon game plan

Are you Shraddha Kapoor from the cham-cham music video or Sheldon Cooper in a wood cabin during a rain shower? For those who identify with the first, dance away honey! (Just don’t catch a cold) But for all you Sheldon Coopers out there, we have the perfect monsoon game plan for you. (But definitely less annoying!)

Monsoons are inherently romantic, but we don’t have to be OUT there dancing with our respective SOs. (Not that we mind!) Well, staying in, can be fun too; not to mention it’s also dry and cosy indoors. Read on for a perfectly mapped-out plan to take part in the monsoon festivities – safely from the comfort of being indoors!

Lights, Camera, Thunder!

We can go two ways with binge-watching movies and shows while it storms outside. Either snuggle in satin with the top rom-coms of all time or deep dive into the horror show genre – there’s no in-between. If you ask us? It’ll be friends and cousins huddled together in a dark room and binging the entire Conjuring or Paranormal Activity franchises.

Popcorn flying everywhere, screams totalling more from outside the TV set, just as thunder strikes; it’s a scary (see what we did?) good time! And hey, make sure you’re in your lightweight, cotton shorts sets for this one. You’re extra warm when you’re scared, you know that right?

Kitchen Kings & Queens

Master Chefs gather around! It’s your time to look down upon the basic PB&J sandwich makers and maybe teach a few sautés or two! Baking cookies and other comfort food with your loved ones, and then devouring them is truly satisfying. Remember when Kylie and Stormy baked cookies together in matching PJs? Imagine you and your little one in matching Mini Me pyjama sets making soupy Maggie! Delightful isn’t it?

With the weather being cool and snugly, all we crave are our warm snackibles. Soups, Pho noodles, Coffee, and of course, cookies and cakes. But what else do we crave? Full PJ sets that keep us warm while we sip coffee by the window, artistically!

Chai Chachi & Checkers 

This is the most fun monsoon game plan, involving EVERYONE in your family. Right from Grandpas and Grannies to uncles, aunts and cousins. Call a family meeting with the prerequisites: A never-ending supply of adrak wali chai, comfy loungewear and all-you-can-eat kanda bhajiya! Once you all settle down with tea, food and “remember when” stories, there’s no going back. No, we’re not forgetting the classic board games. Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Uno and everything in between will add so much more warmth to the party!

This is your scene: All your loved ones together, comfortable, laughing, swapping stories, fighting over who gets which colour in board games. While it pours outside, this is the happiest and most content you’ll be. 

Monsoon game plan

Monsoon’s almost here! Do you have your comfy PJs and loungewear from Zivame ready? Mix, match and twin with your family and snuggle closer to each other in every way!

It’s a beautiful season invoking so much nostalgia and love. Relive them with your loved ones by refreshing your monsoon memories here!

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