UncategorizedAre You Still Falling For These Bra Myths?


From what you should eat during pregnancy to how you can’t wear prints and patterns together, there are stories and myths around everything! So, it only makes sense then that there are some not-so-true stories about bras as well. Time to put those to a rest.

We’re here to separate fact from fiction, and bust all those myths about bras!

Women need to get fitted for a bra only once in their lives

False. You’re bound to change a cup or band size in your adult life as your body goes through changes. In fact, it is normal to even change sizes in a single year. So, if you have put on or lost weight up to 2 kilos in the last year, you may want to get yourself fitted again.

Sleeping in a bra will keep your breasts perky

False. And neither does your sleeping position affect your breast size. If you want soft support while you sleep, you can wear  a comfortable at-home bra. It’s easy to slip into and won’t poke or bother you while you’re getting your beauty sleep.

Bras live forever

False. Every bra has a life span. And it’s usually a year. You can stretch the life of a bra, but be sure to keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear. These symptoms include straps that keep falling off your shoulders, bands that rise at the back, cups that are misshapen and underwires that dig into your skin.

Bras can cause breast cancer

False. We’ve been hearing this rumour since the early 90s. But, this theory was debunked when scientists established that the underwire doesn’t affect or harm you, if you’re wearing the right size . Hence, any pressure applied by the underwire is unlikely to cause health concerns. So, measure bra size yourself and pick a bra that isn’t too tight and fits you right, to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the day!

There’s only one way to put on your bra

False. Many women put on their bra by hooking it in the front and then twisting it around. But just because most women wear it like that doesn’t make it the only way.
There’s another more effective way where you bend forward and hook the back. Fix the straps over your shoulders and then scoop the breasts in. It’s easy and effective!

So now that we’ve got all those doubts cleared up, let’s shop?

Team Zivame