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Spending 24 hours indoors means that you should be equipped with the most comfortable home wear options. These are clothes you will attend office meetings in, whip up yummy dishes in, workout in, and of course just chill in. The good news is – for all our amazing ‘Quaranqueens’ we have something special for everyday wear like cute PJs, comfy Bras, and knockout workout gear.

We have put together a few essentials that will keep you comfortable and super relaxed this summer:

Lingerie: Who wears a Bra at home, right? Wrong! Now that you are home 24×7, it is difficult to distinguish between your workday and chill time. We suggest you stick to a routine to make your workday more productive. Get ready like you are going to work. Jump in the shower, spruce up your hair and wear a Bra. Pick a Bra that feels like second skin. Imagine wearing a Bra and not even realising you have it on! The Miracle Bra is exactly that! This 100% stitch-free Bra is made of such lightweight material, you will hardly ever want to take it off. It is buttery soft, seamless and super comfortable. 

Staying put in one place can get a little bit boring. So why not bring the fun to you with a colourful ‘pick me up’ Bralette to liven up your day! Keep your padded, underwires for the office and slip into a comfy, cool Bralette while working from home. 

Our At Home Bras are also perfect to wear indoors especially when paired with some snug Pyjamas or bermuda shorts. There will never be a better time to attend work calls in something you truly love! 


No, it is not just for bedtime! Sleepwear options are amazing for well… doing anything – in the day and at night! Our buttery soft Sleepwear collection will see you through daily work con calls, some happy hobby time, binge-watching TV shows, cooking, cozying up in a corner with a book, and snuggling in bed. So if you ever imagined rolling out of your bed straight into a work meeting in your favourite jammies, here is your chance! You can choose from a Nightdress, Pyjama set, Shorts set, Capri set or simply a Tee-shirt with a pair of Shorts. The best thing? You can now wear your favourite cartoon prints to work!


Enjoy a moment of calm with a relaxed fit tee and joggers perfect for a morning Yoga session. For the high energy go-getters, kickstart your day with a power yoga class dressed in this beautiful Sports Bra with these Leggings. For the dancer babe, this Sports Bra and Capri combo is perfect for that Zumba workout after work. Work up a sweat fest with a HIIT workout in our high-impact Sports Bra and shorts. Get your family members/roommates to join in the fun-  nothing better than some company while you sweat it out, right?

And why save these wardrobe beauties for just the workouts? Our Activewear collection is great for lounging at home as well. Complete your daily chores in our cool tees, knee-length capris, running shorts (perfectly airy for the summers) and more. 

Ladies, make the most of working from home by staying comfortable and productive. Enjoy your time indoors with family dinners, reading books and watching binge-worthy shows. Stay happy, stay safe!

Team Zivame