UncategorizedTop 6 Lingerie Gifting Ideas

We women love to go lingerie shopping for ourselves – it’s like a personal treat! Most of us even consider it incredibly romantic or sexy if our partner gifts us some lingerie. And yet, when it comes to gifting other women, this is never a category we think of. Why?

Because for far too long, lingerie has been equated with something that has got to be sexy, promiscuous, and often, titillating.

Sure, lingerie can make you feel beautiful, glamorous and all of the above; but its use is more often functional than it is fashionable. So, ladies, why do we shy away from gifting something so useful to our own sisters, mothers, and friends? After all, we know their style sensibilities and personal tastes more than anyone; and when it comes to what they’d like to receive as additions to their underwear drawer, we’d know best!

We at Zivame, want to make lingerie gifting a more regular part of the lives of women. And so, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you out!

Be the encouraging aunt – 

If you’ve got a little niece who looks at you as her ‘fun aunt’, there’s more you can do than just help her out with makeup tips and advice on boys. When the time comes for her to pick out her first bra, be the one who helps her find the right fit. Moms may push for something basic, but the cool aunt can be the one who takes her shopping for her first strapless style!

Be the motivating friend –

Got a friend who’s a marathon runner? Get her a sports bra before her next big run. Find one with a high-impact design and a cool colour that’ll match her style. It’ll be the perfect support when she works out and she’ll know she’s got your support too!

Be the supportive daughter – 

Want to gift your mom something, but not sure what? Help her be a little extra comfortable every day with a super support bra. These are designed to help with sag, give a defined shape and ensure all-day ease. Take her to the nearest Zivame store, and watch her eyes light up at the multitude of options she’ll find to fit her age and style!

Something thoughtful for the expecting mother –

Doctor’s appointment, shopping, baby-proofing the house and keeping in shape, future moms have a lot on their to-do list. Help them tick off one thing out off the list by gifting something thoughtful from our maternity/nursing bra collection.

Surprise your BFF on her birthday –

Well, it’s your best friend’s birthday and you want to be one of those people with the best gifts. You are thinking about something thoughtful but fun and quirky at the same time. Gift from our range of sexy bralettes and you’ll forever be your BFF’s favorite person.

Gift from the super bridesmaid – 

You are not some regular friend, you are the “bridesmaid-level” friend and you just have to gift something that’s apt for your “best gal”. Weddings can be a stressful affair and speaking of weddings how can we not talk about the honeymoon, so be the coolest bridesmaid of the lot and gift your gal from our sensuous bridal collection.

If you’re still unsure of what lingerie to get the wonder women in your life, we’ve made it even simpler.  Zivame has now launched lingerie gift cards! So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, personal milestone or just a reason to show someone you’ve got her back, we’ve got the perfect gifting opportunity for you.

And the best part, it’s an e-gift card so you can buy one from anywhere across the world and send it to the women you love!

What are you waiting for? Ladies, let’s start celebrating the sexy side of all the lovely women in our lives

Team Zivame