Uncategorized4 Summer Bra Styles That Are Perfect For Chilling!

4 Summer Bra Styles That Are Perfect For Chilling!

Summer is our favourite season for so many reasons. Basking on the beach, planning that long-due vacay with your girl gang, lounging in a pool all day, going on fancy brunches… the list goes on! And all these plans call for comfortable, airy and stylish outfits. So, we’re here to help you with just that!  

Take a look at these DIY outfit ideas from our summer lookbook & build your warm-season wardrobe now!

The Brunch Squad!

The key to a good brunch outfit is to balance between ‘oh-so-stylish’ and ‘I woke up like this’! A muscle tee with our vibrant coloured t-shirt bra does exactly that!

Water Babies!

Who wouldn’t want to sign up for a chilling session by the pool? And this bright bralette with deep neck crop top pairs perfectly well with a poolside party!

The Ever-Ready Trippers!

When the girls get together it calls for a celebration and you need something super sexy for it, right? This longline bra with sheer top is definitely our pick for that!

Beach Bums!

Ocean breeze and palm trees, messy hair and salty air, flip flops & comfy tops! Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? An airy strappy top with our stylish halter neck bra is just the kind of outfit you need to laze on the beach all day!

Ready to feel sunkissed & sexy?

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