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Ladies, we know that finding a perfect bra to complement your dress isn’t easy! To have the right bra is indeed a day-to-day struggle. But a bra out there promises to end your innerwear woes. Make way for the halter neck bra! Halter bras come with straps (one or two) that go around your neck and have hooks on the back that offers just the right kind of support. With sturdy support, maximum comfort, and striking style, halter bras can easily be worn daily. Relax if you wonder whether halter top bra straps cause discomfort like neck pain. The straps are designed with soft and smooth fabric, which ensures nothing but a comfortable experience! Furthermore, if you are wearing a halter neck outfit, backless attire, or beachwear, halter bras can help you slay the sexy look easily! Zivame takes pride in delivering bras that provide improved breast support, physical comfort, and a fantastic aesthetic while keeping you looking sexy! Zivame’s latest and trendy halter top bra collection includes lined, non-wired, accurate fitting, with eye-pleasing colors. The vast range includes bralettes at an affordable price with the assurance of the softest material and best quality. Furthermore, with Zivame, you can find the right size of your halter bra through their exclusive online window, ‘Find your fit'. Explore Zivame’s wide range of luxury lingerie and halter bra online, right from the comfort of your couch. Select a few pairs and order immediately to glamourize your bra collection. less

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Discover Beautiful Halter Neck Bras & Bralettes


Many women are uncomfortable wearing a backless dress as they don’t like their bra playing peek-a-boo! Moreover, the difficulty increases if you want to wear a halter neck outfit, ethnic wide-neck blouses, or off-shoulder tops. Halter bras meet the requirements to don all these attires. Read the benefits, pairing ideas and uses of halter bras.

What is a Halter Bra?

The attractive halter bras have become fashion statements for modern women. Available in both padded and non-padded styles, these bras facilitate the wearer’s back to remain uncovered while showing off a gorgeous body without any worry about the dangling bosom! Halter bras typically have a strap that rests around the neck or has two straps from each end that can be tied into an attractive bow at the back of the neck.

Buy Halter Neck Bra Online

With different types and styles of straps, halter neck bras are uniquely designed. The straps include regular, strapless, cross-back, multi-way, and halter strap bras. Online stores host a wide range of these bralettes that are either lightly-padded, non-padded, or push-up bras, and so on. E-stores also allow you to select the best fit and support from either an underwire or a free-wire halter bra variant. With online shopping, you can set preferred filters to choose from subtle shades, dark colors, patterns, lace, prints, size, and style. Furthermore, halter top bras can help you ace any look from sporty, sexy, and saucy to elegant and graceful! Whatever you pick, halter bras can blend easily with your multiple attires.

Through e-stores like Zivame, payment options remain aplomb (including credit card, debit card, COD, or UPI) with easy return or replacement policies. Now that you have a fair idea to bag the best halter bra, why not buy a pair or two online?

Benefits of Halter Bra

The halter neck bra takes off the weight from the shoulders and gives them a break! Its straps connect behind your neck, giving your back and shoulder an excellent show-off opportunity. However, their benefit doesn’t end with providing you only with a perfect backless experience; read along to know a few more profit points that this humble innerwear has to offer:

  • Enough support
  • Halter bras provide excellent support to your breasts and help them stay in place. They ensure that your straps neither slide down nor dig deep painfully into your shoulders.

  • Comfort quotient
  • At first glance, halter neck bras may seem intimidating for many women accustomed to conventional bras. However, you must note that these bralettes are comfortable and super secure. They are also pretty easy to wear.

  • Breast upliftment
  • Stylish and comfy, halter top bras perform exceedingly to uplift breasts. With the look and effect of a push-up bra, halter bras prevent strap slippage, ensuring no sagging breasts.

  • Adjusting styles
  • If anytime you do not want to wear your halter neck bra as they are, you can twist the style as you like! Yes, these luxurious bras come with the option of adjusting the straps. That means a halter bra can be worn as a classic or strapless bra.

Quick Tips to Wear a Halter Neck Bra

Halter bras are among those bras that fit well and can be worn all day long. If you are ready to transform your basic dresses from drab to fab, here are a few tips for styling them with a gorgeous halter neck bra:

  • If you want to go flashy with the bra straps, you can wear a knotted bra with your wide neck tops or spaghetti tops. Alternatively, a halter top bra is your go-to option if you wish to hide bra straps under a halter dress or blouse.

  • For a glam-filled look, let your hair open and allow the straps to peek out from an off-shoulder dress or a tank top.

  • If your bust is small, you can give your breasts a fuller look by wearing a halter padded, underwired bra. Pick halter top bras with embellishments or busy prints to draw attention.

  • To ace a bold look, match a lacy halter neck bra with a drop shoulder top, a sheer (or mesh) shirt, or slide it under an open front shrug or jacket.

  • A halter sports bra can eliminate the distractions of bra straps sliding off the shoulders while working out. For an ultimate athletic look, team stretchy leggings, a sporty jacket, and a matching pair of sneakers with a halter sports bra.

Add a Bit of Oomph to Your Halter Necks with Halter Neck Bras from Zivame

Wear your backless and halter neck tops and dresses without worrying about showing straps. With Halter Neck Bras from Zivame, you do not have to keep a check on your bra strap every time you wear a backless or a halter neck top.


So ladies, now you know how to wear a halter neck bra, what to wear with it, and even the styling tips. If you are looking forward to creating a fashion statement, buy a halter bra online from Zivame without delay. Zivame's latest collection of stylish, comfy, edgy, and elegant halter neck bras can turn you into a style icon. Head to Zivame’s website to buy the perfect fitting halter bras online and avail best discounts and deals on the same.

Frequently Asked Questions on Halter Neck Bras

  1. Why would someone wear a halter bra?
  2. Halter bras are generally worn to hide the otherwise visible bra straps while wearing backless attire or off-shoulder dresses. Halter bras help conceal the bra straps without compromising a traditional bra's comfort and support. Moreover, a padded halter bra ensures the best coverage under tight, body-hugging dresses.

  3. Do halter bras offer comfort?
  4. Yes! Halter neck bras provide extreme comfort. They give your shoulders a much-needed break from the discomfort caused by the straps of a regular bra. With straps connecting behind the neck, wearing a halter neck bra is straightforward, hassle-free, and friction-free and gives ample support and comfort to your breasts.

  5. Which types of tops go best with halter bras?
  6. Halter bras are ideal for wearing backless attires. These look very attractive with strapless or off-shoulder tops. For a stunning look, tie these halter bras under a tank top. They can also be teamed up with beachwear.

  7. Are halter bras supportive?
  8. Like push-up bras, halter neck bras provide maximum support to the breasts. The strapless design doesn’t only relieve the shoulder from the constant pressure; it also lifts and supports your bosom.

  9. Is a halter neck bra bad for your neck?
  10. Halter Neck Bras can be a bit tight, so whenever you buy a halter neck bra, make sure it fits you snugly. If it has a tie strap, do not tie a tight knot around your neck.

  11. How to wear a bra with a halter top?
  12. You can wear a halter neck bra, a lacy bralette, or a transparent bra, transparent straps under any halter neck tops to avoid strap show.

  13. How to wear a Halter Neck Bra?
  14. Halter neck bras are comfortable to wear. If the halter is a single strap, then you have to put the halter strap around the neck and use the back strap for extra support. If the bra has a tie strap, you can tie both the straps around the neck and make sure the knot isn't too tight.

  15. Are halter bras good for plus size?
  16. Women belonging to any size group can wear a halter neck bra. All you have to ensure is you pick the right size which fits you snugly.

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