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Choosing the right bra is as important, or probably more important, than choosing the right outfit. Haven’t there been many times where you had to forego a gorgeous piece of clothing just because you didn’t have the bra that went with it?

Well, not anymore! We’ve decided to simplify the science so that it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy the next time you’re stuck in the vortex of bras and outfits.

T-shirt Bra:

The must-haves in your lingerie collection, t-shirt bras work under everything. These padded bras are designed for everyday comfort and are smooth and seamless under any fitted outfit. Although they are designed for t-shirts, with a variety of styles available – from backless to plunge – you can rock these with dresses too without having to worry about a peek-a-boo incident.

Best Worn With: T-shirts, kurtas, skin-tight dresses

Push-up Bra:

When you want to flaunt some sexy cleavage under a beautiful dress, push-up bras are your answer! With gentle padding on the underside of the cups, they push your breasts up and move them closer together to enhance the shape. Those sweetheart necklines just turned a lot more explosive, didn’t they?

Best Worn With: Form hugging, low-cut tops

Strapless Bra:

The biggest concern one has about off-shoulder outfits is whether strapless bras actually work. Do they really provide the requisite support? We say yes, they do.

A true strapless bra is constructed meticulously with strong under-bands holding the cups together, giving the perfect amount of support with minimal hassle. Now show-off those collarbones without any qualms.

Best Worn With: Off shoulder tops, one shoulder tops, halters, spaghetti strap tops

Convertible Bra:

Add an extra something to your tank-tops with these versatile bras. The detachable straps, that can be rearranged into different slots in the front and back, form a brand new bra every time. The cups, that are designed to give extra support on their own due to the unpredictability of the straps, do their job perfectly. If you ask us, that’s a whole lot of styles from just one piece of lingerie!

Best Worn With: Backless tops, off shoulder tops, halter tops, tank tops

Balconette Bra:

As the name suggests, it is designed with a ‘balcony-like’ neckline to cup your breasts from below and push them up for a firm and rounded appearance at the top. The height of the cups in balconette bras is shorter than other styles, and the straps are generally set wider and closer to your armpits for an open and low-cut neckline.

As a result, it visually lengthens your waist and slims your upper body silhouette while beautifully enhancing your curves.

Best Worn With: Low necklines and boat-neck tops.

Sports Bra:

These are special bras that are engineered to resist any bounce or jerky movements during the most strenuous workouts. They come in low, moderate, and high impact varieties depending on the strain and type of your workout. Yoga, for examples will require a low impact bra whereas running will require a high impact one.

Without any fussy straps in these sports bras, gym wear is a lot more comfortable – making exercise a lot more pleasing.

Best Worn With: Gym wear, crop tops, sheer tops

Minimizer Bra:

This bra is the best bet for curvier women who want to seamlessly minimize the appearance of fuller breasts under different outfits. The cups are designed to redistribute breast tissue uniformly, whereas the strong straps underneath prevent sagging, with or without underwiring.

Best Worn With: Fitted tops, turtleneck sweaters, high neck dresses

Cage Bra:

The caged bra is contemporary and classic all at once. These designer bras have multiple stylised straps around the back and neckline and will amp up the most mundane of outfits. It looks fantastic on any size bust because it appears to give ample support to any cup size.

Best Worn With: Tank tops, sheer tops, camisoles.

Stick-on Bra:

A stick-on bra is meant for backless or sheer outfits when you want a classy and elegant look. Designed with a gentle adhesive substance along the cups and wings, these bras glue easily onto your curves and provide sufficient support. The wings end just short of your back, making them virtually invisible even under the most daring of outfits.

Best Worn With: Off shoulder, backless and halter styles


A combo of innerwear and outerwear, bralettes are the definition of pretty and comfy. Without any wiring or padding, these are extremely easy to slip on and effortless to wear, making them the perfect bras for fun yet sexy looks.

Best Worn With: Sheer, revealing tops, with a saree, or on its own as a crop top

Empowered by this enlightenment, shop for your favourite styles now!

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