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Are your breasts spilling out of your cups? It’s probably because you aren’t wearing the bra style that suits you. That’s right, apart from the size, even the style of the bra matters when it comes to a good fit!

So, if you’ve been struggling to find a bra that prevents spillage, we tell you how to find it. Read on!

Bras That Prevent Spillage – They’re Here!

First things first, check how the band of your bra fits you at the back. It should run in a straight line along your back. If it is inching upwards, it could mean that the band size is wrong. A smaller band and cup size will result in your breasts spilling out over the cups.

Now, if you’ve measured your size right and your bra still isn’t working for you, then look for bras with these spillage-preventing features instead!

High Coverage Cups

Bras That Prevent Spillage – They’re Here!

When deciding between how much coverage you need, think about the shape of your breasts. Breasts that are fuller and rounder at the top will need more coverage than breasts that are firmer at the bottom. For the latter, balconettes will suffice but the former category may find greater comfort in full coverage styles. Look for full or three-fourth coverage bras and you can say good bye to front spillage.

Side Shaper Panels

Bras That Prevent Spillage – They’re Here!

The next step is to figure out the natural fall of your breasts. Some women have breasts that are fuller on the sides. Here, there is a higher chance of side spillage. So, some bras are designed with side shaper panels that push the breast tissue towards the centre and provide added support on the sides to tackle the problem of side spillage. It is important to note that this problem isn’t restricted to curvy women alone; your breast type also matters.

Side Smoothening Wings

Bras That Prevent Spillage – They’re Here!

Sometimes, back spillage too can be quite a bother, and for this too we have a solution. Opt for bras with broad side wings made with powernet mesh. These usually come with three hooks at the back which give added support and the mesh fabric gives a firm hold to keep back spillage at bay.

So, ladies, ready to say goodbye to uncomfortable spillage?

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