Here’s Why Investing In Good Activewear Matters

Are you still wearing those faded t-shirts, track pants and everyday bras for your workouts? We don’t recommend that at all!

Wondering why? It’s ‘cos we believe that investing in high-quality workout gear, will not only enhance your performance but also will change your attitude towards it! Of course, this investment doesn’t have any financial returns but the reward comes in the form of healthy lifestyle and you can’t put a price on that, right?

So how important is activewear when you are exercising? Let us indulge you!

Training Leggings-

Is there anything worse than pants that slide down your body when you exercise? Yes, there’s worse – those pants that tear when you bend over! Or those that leave ugly sweat patches in awkward areas.

You can say goodbye to these worries with our leggings that stretch and contract the way your body does, keeps you dry throughout the workout and holds your muscles in place. But the good news is, the Zelocity leggings tick all these boxes. They are constructed with stretch-recovery material that makes movement worry-free, quick-dry technology that makes your workout odor-free and alphascult fabric that provides all-over compression.

And what more? They have these convenient invisible pockets to hold your sweat cloth and locker keys when you workout.

Sports bra-

“Can’t I just wear my regular bra? Do I NEED a sports bra?” The answer to that question is, yes, you absolutely need a sports bra. And not just that, you need the right type to provide adequate support during your workout. Women who exercise in their everyday bra are risking breast tissue damage and we don’t want that for you! So, pick the style you need today and rock your workout.

High impact workouts like Zumba and running require a high impact sports bra, medium impact workouts like cycling and dancing require a medium impact sports bra and low impact workouts like Yoga and Pilates require a low impact sports bra. And once again, we have various sizes, styles, and colours in every type.


You can call our jackets the multi-taskers. To begin with, they are designed with temperature control to keep your body warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. And that means that they aren’t limited to your summer wardrobe. You can wear it for your workout during all seasons.

And we’ll tell you what’s more! You can just throw them on and walk out after your workout without any worries about the dust or pollution. 

And that’s all! Now that we’ve convinced you that activewear is worth every penny, you can start picking out your favourite styles here.


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