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Puzzled between corsets and torsettes? Confused about bandeaus and balconettes? We clear all your doubts with our fun guide – something to make you a little wiser and a whole lot sexier!
No, it’s not going to tug at your skin. It’s just going to make sure your bra holds up all night! Designed with a gentle adhesive substance along the wings and cups, these bras glue seamlessly onto your curves and are the perfect option when you can’t go completely braless.
A retro style bra with one of the most delicate designs, the ‘balconette’ gives a lovely lift with a gently rounded appearance. With low cut cups and wide set straps, it almost resembles the architecture of a balcony, and hence the name! The balconette bra is a great choice for square and boat necklines!
Everyone’s got it, but not many know it. Yes, it’s a woman’s wardrobe staple – what’s normally called a spaghetti slip! A camisole can work as an undergarment, an extra layer or an essential add-on to the outfit! Also, check out our innovative camisole bra.
Learning the alphabet of lingerie can get quite confusing! Especially when it comes to cup sizes beyond D. While most American bra sizes go from D, DD to DDD, some of the European lingerie masters prefer D, E, F and so on. But we pick the best of both worlds, following a size chart that includes both DD and E, going up to K!
Not every bra comes with smooth finish cups. There’s also a variety of embroidered bras that have intricate designs sewn delicately on or along the edges of the cup. And they make quite a statement; after all, it’s all about the details!
Full figured women love a full-cup bra! A classic style of the lingerie family, this bra encapsulates the entire breast, offering maximum support and eliminating spillage while giving a well rounded shape.
No, we aren’t talking about musical chords! This is more of a barely-there thong AKA a sexy panty offering zero rear coverage. It’s held up by strings that go around the waist and meet on either side of the hips. Now, you can finally say goodbye to panty lines!
If you’re looking for a panty that is functional and stylish, this should be your pick! A cross between bikinis and briefs, hipsters are low-rise panties that provide medium to full rear coverage. As the name suggests, they sit on the hip bone and have a reputation for being super comfortable.
Seamless cups hide bra lines in the front; but what about at the back? What you need is a bra with invisible wings! The sides are created with laser cut fabric and they sit absolutely flat against your skin – no stitches, no visible seams, no bra lines! Gotta love that smooth finish under fitted tees!
Lingerie made with jacquard has patterns woven into the fabric itself. Using cotton, silk, rayon and other fabrics as a base, the machinery programmes the threads to move individually and create beautiful patterns that spell lush luxury.
No, we aren’t referring to the lock on your underwear drawer! This is a tear-drop shaped hole constructed on the garment for an added edge of style! The keyhole could feature either under the neckline or on the back.
There’s rarely a bad time to wear this sexy bra! Both glamourous and functional, the longline bra provides extended coverage from the bust right down to a few inches above the belly button. With an extra wide band that provides a sleek & sexy look, this bra is great for layering under unbuttoned shirts and jackets!
We know it’s been tough & we won’t let a bra make it tougher! Mastectomy bras are ideal for patients who’ve undergone mastectomy without opting for a breast reconstruction. Thoughtfully crafted with silicon prosthesis pockets in each cup and feather-soft fabric, these bras make no compromise on comfort!
If you’re pregnant and you know it, buy a nursing bra! A practical solution, this maternity wear is designed with fuller cups and comfortable fabric to provides support to sensitive breasts during pregnancy. The key highlight is that the cups can be unclasped from the front for easy access when breast feeding.
Want to spend the whole day snuggled up on your couch? All you need is a onesie – it’s the most comfortable thing to wear! This nightwear is a loose-fitting one-piece suit, perfect for cosy nights and lazy days. Covering the torso and legs and designed with a front zipper or button-down opening, a onesie is easy to slip into and keeps you warm and happy!
Crafted to conceal a woman’s nipples, pasties are small adhesive patches that can be glued on to cover the area. Recommended by celebs, pasties are perfect for when you want to go braless under revealing party outfits. These are also great to cover any awkward nipple show under non-padded bras.
Your curves will thank you for wearing a bra from this collection – ‘cos it offers 1 solution to 6 fit-based problems faced by full-figured women. The Quattro bra has a unique 4-way support system. The reinforced frame offers extreme support and the broad straps hold the bust weight. Made with non-stretch fabric cups and a power net back, it has won the best supporting bra award!
Why not replace your slipping shoulder straps with a Y-shaped back! Crafted to provide greater support and enhance the posture by pulling the shoulders back, these bras give a fun sporty look to your everyday outfits.
No, it isn’t hard to breathe in nor does it add visible layers. Made of lightweight fabric, shapewear is an easy way to tone your figure and give your body the smooth curves it wants! Engineered using different techniques to temporarily smoothen out or conceal fat, shapewear comes in different varieties based on control levels, duration of wear, types of outfit and different body areas.
Designed to make your upper body look sleeker, a torsette is essentially a body shaper that starts just below your bust and extends down to your hip. The best part – there’s no need to sacrifice your favourite bra to wear this!
Easy enough to guess, this is a deep neck padded bra with a U-cut. The cups are designed with a higher cut on the sides and a plunge in the centre. This helps enhance cleavage by pushing the bust towards the centre of the body. It’s the best party bra to wear under deep plunging necklines!
You don’t want to be caught in a situation where the outline of your panty is visible under your fitted trousers or dresses. Usually occurring when a person’s clothing is transparent or clingy, the ‘visible panty line’ has a few known cures – namely thongs, G-strings and laser cut panties.
As the name suggests, this undergarment is seamlessly constructed to define your hips, compress your abdomen and smoothen your love-handles. Designed to function as extremely high waist panties or boyshorts, these are perfect for those body-hugging dresses you always shied away from!
Every body is beautiful and you should wear lingerie that fits you well. You may think that choosing one size smaller or larger than what you usually wear won’t matter too much; but there’s a reason sizes extend from XXXS to XXXL. ‘Cos in the battle of style over size, size should always win and even the smallest difference, makes a difference!
Every breath you take, every move you make, this bra will support you! A yoga bra works like second skin so that your body is least restricted while practicing your favourite asana. Created with breathable fabrics and snug fits, yoga bras are sports bras with lesser weight and compression.
Imagine the ease of wearing a bra with no hooks or clasps. Designed with a zippered closure running down the centre, this bra is easy to slip on and effortless to remove! Comfortable, with an edgy style, zip bras are a great investment!

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