What Kind Of Activewear Does Your Workout Need?

Don’t we all just love splurging on sports wear? But whether you’re an early morning yoga-holic, a dance-till-you-drop kinda girl or someone who wouldn’t miss hitting the barbells even for a day, you’re going to need specific activewear that complements your workout.

With our wide collection of Zelocity workout wear that differs in performance features based on activity, you’re sure to find something just for you. So, read on to find out just what you need for every kind of  heart-pumping exercise.

Low-Intensity Workouts Like Yoga

Early morning yoga calls for something light and not too tight that allows for free movement. Pick a low compression sports bra, an easy-fit t-shirt that lets you move your arms comfortably and a pair of smooth Yoga pants. Check out these Zelocity Super Smooth Yoga pants that let you move easily for all kinds of yoga stretches.


Medium-Intensity Workouts Like Dance or Zumba

Whether it’s dance or Zumba, you’re going to need clothes that offer a little more compression than Yoga wear without being as constrictive as high-performance gym wear. What you need is our medium impact sports bra, an easy movement tank top and easy movement workout pants that are breathable and wick away sweat so you can shimmy and shake without any trouble!


High-Intensity Workouts Like CrossFit or Functional Training

High-Intensity exercise calls for high-performance activewear. If you’re hitting the gym, or doing any form of intense training, you’re going to need a high-impact sports bra that offers comfortable compression and prevents bounce. Team that up with a breathable power movement crop top, and a pair of mesh panelled leggings with extreme compression that’ll help you feel every muscle move.

So Which Outfit Does Your Workout Need? Shop It Now! 

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