Stick On Bra

We know that finding the right bra for the right dress is paramount. However, now you can easily wear the backless dress, halter tops, and top with thin straps and low backs because Zivame presents skin-friendly stick on bras. Silicon bras are backless and strapless, and they stick to your breasts, making your breasts look fuller and remain completely invisible under your clothes. A stick-on bra will have self-adhesive cups and will provide your body with the right support. Since these are silicone cup bras, you need to wash them by hand. Use some warm water, rinse the adhesive bra, and then use some hand soap to clean the bra properly. Once done, allow the stick-on bra to dry naturally. Store your bra in the original packing after washing. If you are looking for stick-on bras online, shop today from Zivame! less

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Stick On Bras On Zivame

Stick On Bra

Summer season, evening dinners, and parties are the time when women can flaunt their bodies with designer wears and dresses of different styles of cuts, and designs. However, a dress can only do wonders if worn with the right bra. The woman of today not only wants the perfect size but she also cares about which bra style should be worn with a particular type of outfit. For this purpose, some of the renowned lingerie brands now offer various styles of bras such as strapless bra, transparent bra, T-shirt bra, sports bra, push up bra, minimizer bra, super support bra, and stick on bra that all have a different use.

Types of stick-on bra

Also referred to as an adhesive bra, the stick on bra is an amazing product that can be easily teamed with strapless, backless, deep neck dresses. It will not only complement your designer wear without sneaking out but will also enhance your body curves making you look stylish and confident. A stick-on bra has different variants such as a low coverage non-wired one that makes the breasts look perky even with a deep neck dress. Similarly, you can use push up silicon bra to boost your breast size under an off-shoulder outfit. If you want to enhance your cleavage to look beautiful under your evening gown, then you may use the tying thread in front to give that full cleavage look by completely lacing it up.

Benefits of stick-on bra

  1. The adhesive bra sticks perfectly to your breast giving you the freedom to wear some of the complicated yet beautiful styles of dresses.

  2. A silicon bra having nude shade gives that perfect seamless look that women often want in their lingerie.

  3. A woman who wants to look good, she also wants to feel comfortable and these stick-on bras perfectly combine these two concepts.

  4. The availability of adhesive bra in different sizes, colours, shapes, and coverage, there is something for every woman’s need.

Do’s and don’ts of stick on bra

To make the best of the adhesive bra, there are some do’s and don’ts about its use and maintenance:

  1. Getting the right size is important for perfect attachment. The wrong size will not only feel uncomfortable but will also steal the essence of the outfit.

  2. Moisturiser is the enemy of the adhesive and therefore does not apply moisturiser or any oil on your breasts while using the adhesive bra.

  3. Use the mirror to correctly position your stick on bra before you stick it to your breasts. Make sure that each cup is placed vertically on your breast instead of being horizontally placed.

  4. Wash your bra after every use so that it is fresh and its adhesive remains intact for your next use. Wash it gently with your hands without using any brush or even your nails.

  5. Do not use the adhesive bra on sunburn or damaged skin. In case of sensitive skin, run a patch test before using it to ensure any reaction of the adhesive.

How to clean a silicone bra?

Adhesive bra needs to be cleaned just like you clean your regular bras. However, since the material is different for silicone bra, take care of it so that it lasts longer. Use mild soap and water to wash a self-adhesive bra. This will remove all the residue and body oil, which may clog the adhesive’s surface. Never machine wash it.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Take the stick-on bra in your hands, and hold one cup.
  • Now, wet the adhesive surface. Use mild soap and warm water to wash the adhesive surface. Pay attention to the ingredients; the soap should be non-moisturising.
  • Use your fingertips to start cleaning the stick-on bra. Avoid using fingernails.
  • Remove all the soap residue by using warm water.
  • Air-dry it and put it back into its original package.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long can one wear a stick-on bra?

      The maximum time that you can wear a stick-on bra is not more than eight hours. Since stick-on bras are made of adhesive silicon, they can cause rashes and skin irritation if someone wears them for a long time. A stick-on bra or silicone bra is glued to your skin, and hence never wear them for more than eight hours. Please note that eight hours is the maximum. If someone feels uncomfortable wearing them, they must remove them right away.

    2. Do stick-on bras stay on?

      The new-age stick-on bras don’t only stick, but they are easy to remove as well and won’t cause any pain. One can wash the stick-on bra again and again and continue using it.

    3. How long do sticks on bras stay on?

      With time, adhesive bras have evolved. Today you can find a silicone bra in India that will stay on all day. The amount of sweat does affect the bra’s longevity, but good quality adhesive bras will stay on all day till you take it off.

    4. Can stick-on bras be worn in water?

      Unless the silicone bra in India you have purchased doesn’t come in contact with a soapy solution, the stick-on bra can be worn in the water. However, it is not recommended to wear it underwater for a long time.

    5. Are stick-on bras skin-friendly?

      Yes, stick-on bras are skin-friendly. These bras are made of medical-grade adhesive, which is why they are safe to wear. Once you wear it, you don’t have to worry about the bra falling off. It won’t cause any skin allergy, and nor will you feel uncomfortable.

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