LifestyleTop Reasons Why You Are Running Away From Wired Bras

Crushing on a pretty Wired Bra but scared to buy it? Maybe the fear of getting poked and pinched is keeping you away. Did you know that your love for Wired Bras may be getting hampered because of a few rookie mistakes? The good news is that these mistakes can be fixed in a jiffy! We’re here to uncomplicate Wired Bras for you. 

Problem 1: The wires dig into my skin and leave angry and hurtful red marks, help!

Zivame says: This is the most common complaint amongst women who wear Wired Bras. Thankfully, the answer is very simple. You are wearing the incorrect Bra size! When your Bra size is too small, digging, poking and tightness around your chest is almost always guaranteed. With the right sized Wired Bra you will feel comfortable, supported and shapely. No poking and no digging whatsoever. 

So, what should you do? Firstly, measure yourself to know your correct size. You can try Zivame’s FITCODE to know your size and identify your breast profile and find the best suited Wired Bras for yourself. Secondly, when you wear a Wired Bra just ensure that the centre panel lays comfortably flat against your breast bone and the wires fully encompass your breast tissue. Wearing the right sized Wired Bra will eliminate all the comfort related problems and you will be free to enjoy a well-supported, well-shaped bustline.

Problem 2: My breasts are spilling out of the wires, help me!

Zivame says: Much like problem 1, spillage is also a size related problem. You are wearing the wrong cup size resulting in your breasts spilling out of the wires, creating bulges. Here’s what you should do: after you have measured yourself and try the right sized Wired Bra, ensure that the wires fully encompass your breast tissue from the centre panel, running through the under bust up till your armpits. This will ensure you get maximum coverage and no longer have to deal with uncomfortable bulges!

Problem 3: The wires are jutting out of my Bra, what’s the solution?

Zivame says: Unfortunately, this just means that your Wired Bra needs to retire! We are sure you enjoyed some wonderful days together but like everything else, all good things must come to an end. As a rule of thumb, it is advised to change your Bra every six months. So, no matter how much you love your Bra, let it go and make space for prettier Wired Bras in the future!

Problem 4: My Wired Bra is giving me rashes, what can I do?

Zivame says: This is a common problem, especially in the summers. We think you are probably hooking your Wired Bra too tight. Your skin needs breathing space to remain dry and airy. Loosen your hooks and feel more comfortable instantly. Rashes may have another reason- not cleaning your Bra properly. Sweat and detergent build-up can lead to itching and rashes. Remember to always hand wash your Wired Bra with a mild detergent and rinse it thoroughly. Air dry it on a flat surface, away from direct sunlight to increase your Bra’s shelf life.

Problem 5: Love the support and shape Wired Bra gives me but I’m still wary of the uncomfy wires

Zivame says: Surprisingly, we have heard this from more than one woman! So, we put on our thinking caps and set off to create a revolutionary Wired Bra that doesn’t feel like one at all! Presenting the Wonder Wire Bra! This Bra has a metal-free, flexi wire for support and shaping but you don’t feel the wires at all. The pokey wires stay at bay and you stay comfortable all day long!

Ladies, with all your questions answered we hope you have realised that Wired Bras can be comfortable and give you a great fit. So what are you waiting for? Shop for the trendiest and the most comfortable Wired Bras in numerous designs, styles and colours only on Zivame, today!

Team Zivame