UncategorizedWhy You Should Invest In The Right Bra And Panty!

Why You Should Invest In The Right Bra And Panty!

spend on the right bra and panty

spend on the right bra and panty

You’ve stocked up on the right clothes, matching shoes, and oh-so-shiny accessories; meticulously completing your ensemble from head to toe. But, but, are you forgetting something? It’s surprising; shocking actually, to note that 85% women have no clue what is amiss. NO, NO, NO it’s not make-up, it’s the perfect-fitting, makes-you-look-good lingerie!

“No one’s even gonna see it!” is not an excuse to postpone buying the right bra and panty. Just like that perfect shade of foundation that goes under your makeup, the right lingerie acts as the base for your outfit! Now, that’s not something you want to get wrong, do you?

Still apprehensive about spending too much? Read on to know how the right bra and panty can transform your outfit (and your life)!

spend on the right bra and panty
It’s The Foundation To Your Look

You don’t think twice while buying outfits that would make your credit card company pop open a bottle of champagne! So, why not give your innerwear the same importance? It’s ideal to equip your underwear drawer with the right lingerie that will not only give your outfit a defined look, but also make your clothes fit better, making you feel more confident. So, buy the right bra and panty, and whether you don a designer dress worth ₹ 4,000 or a romper you picked up for ₹ 300, you’ll always look ramp ready!

It Helps You Find The Right Size

Did you know – the right underwear can make you drop a dress size. YES! That’s because well-fitting lingerie will perfectly hug and define your shape and highlight your curves the right way. With no loose straps, gaping cups and band riding up, your outfits will fit you better and you may end up having to choose dresses that are a size smaller too!


spend on the right bra and panty

It Will Last Longer

It’s pretty surprising that 80% women wear the wrong bra size! What’s more, most women are in denial about this wrong bra size. WHAT? Who’d have known! Wearing a size smaller than your right fit can cause your bra to wear and tear faster. The wire from your underwired bra may poke you, and may even come out of the bra (and poke someone else). Talk about in-house weaponry. So, make sure you’re spending on one that fits just right!

It will Improve Posture

Back pain and poor posture are common complaints from large breasted women. Buying a good chair and exercising at your desk can only help so much. But if you really want to address the problem for good, first invest in a good bra that won’t keep slipping off! You’ll soon notice that pain ebbing away.

Now that lesson one’s complete, are you ready to start investing?

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