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10 Lingerie Commandments for Date Nights
What’s more important than a sexy dress on date night? Sexy lingerie! Whether it’s a blind date or a romantic evening at home, the right intimates are essential! From showing off beautiful bra straps to tantalizing in a racy teddy – we tell you how to express your love (or tease your man) using sexy lingerie!
Thou Shalt Spend At Least 10 Mins Picking Out Sexy Lingerie

Do you spend hours choosing the perfect dress only to scramble around at the last moment and pick the first bra you see? Not anymore! For once, what you wear underneath deserves just as much importance as your outfit. So, take a few extra minutes and find the perfect bra and panty to complement your dress!

Thou Shalt Not Wear A Boring Bra

While we believe that all bras are beautiful, date night deserves something a little extra special. The only rule here is to find something that isn’t what you’d wear under your loose-fitting at-home tee! After all, date night is when you channel your inner seductress. So whether it’s lace, net or embroidery – pick something that makes you feel instantly sexy from within!

Thou Shalt Avoid Panty Lines Under Tight Dresses

This is one cardinal rule you can’t ignore. Visible panty lines under body-hugging outfits are a big NO on date night. So, wear laser cut briefs for a smooth and sexy behind or take it up a notch with lacy thongs and barely-there G-strings to add some spice to your style!

Thou Shalt Express Your Love For Lace

If you can’t pick one special bra, here’s a hint – go for something lacy! It’s delicate and sweet, steamy and seductive – and you just can’t go wrong with it! What’s more, this style is sure to make you feel sexy both inside and out!

Thou Shalt Wear Colours That Pep Up Your Mood

Just ‘cos red and pink are the colours of romance, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate them in your date night outfit! We all have colours that we love wearing and that act as instant pick-me-ups! So, when dressing for date night, opt for a lingerie style that flatters your figure, in a colour that boosts your confidence!

Thou Shalt Not Compromise On Fit

Try as you might, sexy lingerie won’t be comfortable if you are wearing something that isn’t the right fit for you. So make it a point to pick out lingerie that’s been measured for your curves. After all, you don’t want to spend the night picking at your straps and pulling at your thong, do you?

Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid To Experiment With Lingerie

Lingerie is something that we love spending money on and hate having to budget for. So, why not show it off! Experiment with bold and beautiful longline bras that can be easily layered – think cute bralettes and sexy cage bras to glam up the night!

Thou Shalt Match Your Panty With Your Bra As Often As You Can – Just In Case 😉

Not sure if you’re going home alone? Best be prepared! Try and coordinate your bra and panty or simply wear a sexy set. Not only does it look appealing, it makes you feel sexy, desirable and confident, always!

Thou Shalt Not Be Shy To Give Him A Peek Of Your Bra Straps

Sometimes, bra straps peek out. It’s normal. But this isn’t a cause of shame or embarrassment. So don’t try to hurriedly cover up if your bra straps slip out. If he can’t stand a little bit of peek-a-boo, he won’t be able to handle the very sexy you!

Thou Shalt Indulge In Sexy Nightwear – Especially For At-Home Dates 😉

Got a romantic date planned at home? Time to get out of those baggy track pants and slip into something sexy to set the mood! Try adding a little bit of oomph to your after-dinner look with lacy babydolls and racy teddys!

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