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All our gym bunnies out there must be acquainted with the importance of a Sports Bra in their daily workout routines. If not, it’s about time you are familiarized with its set of pros so as to avoid unwanted sagging or injury. So, we’ve made it easier for you and answered every question you might have about Sports Bras:

What is a Sports Bra?

A Sports Bra is a must-have for every woman who is physically active. From hardcore fitness freaks to occasional gym rats, everyone needs a Sports Bra to keep their breast form and shape intact while exercising. A reliable Sports Bra is designed to keep you comfortable, be supportive, prevent bounce, and wick sweat during intense to moderate physical exertions. We have a range of high to medium and low impact Sports Bras which you can choose from depending on your workout schedule. 

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Also, if regular gym rounds are not your thing, you can still consider sporting one of these uber cool Bras with your casual athleisure outfits. Let’s just say, Sports Bras for everyday wear are not just functionally helpful, but are equally capable of bringing a drab-to-fab transformation in your fashion game.

What are the different impact levels of Sports Bras?

Sports Bras are designed for three levels of support based on the intensity of your workout – high, medium, and low.

High Impact Sports Bras are meant for higher levels of physical activity such as aerobics, running, and dancing. Medium Impact Sports Bras are a great fit for moderate degrees of physical activity like cycling and brisk walking. Lastly, Low Impact Sports Bras are worn during less vigorous exercise schedules such as yoga, walking, and stretching.

Let us explore some of the most popular styles of Sports Bras:

Padded Sports BraPadded Sports Bras are a win-win for women who look for modesty and shape. These can be worn for high-intensity workouts as they are specially equipped with light to heavy in-built pads that prevent jiggle and pain. Zivame’s Padded Sports Bras for everyday wear features superb compression that holds your muscles firmly in place and makes intensive power movement easy and fun.

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Racerback Sports Bra –The shoulder straps of a Racerback Sports Bra join together between your shoulder blades and form a Y shape at the back. Racerback Sports Bras look dapper on the outside and give you maximum comfort and support within.

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Criss-Cross Back Sports Bra – Designed for fashion-forward women, Criss-Cross Back Sports Bras are a show stealer at the gym. As their straps fall on a criss-cross style at the back, they tend to offer firmer support to your bust and also look great when worn with low-back tanks or as is. Zivame’s Criss-Cross Sports Bras are perfect for lightweight training.

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How to Choose the Perfect Sports Bra?

It is very important to choose the best type of Sports Bra that fits your bust well. So before you make your purchase, grab an inch tape and measure your bust or just use our FITCODE tool to find your size in under 60 seconds. Then, look for a breathable, sweat-wicking fabric in your Sports Bra for everyday wear and ensure that it has moderately wide straps along with a supportive waistband. You can choose the cup size and padding depending on your need.

Which Sports Bra has the best support?

Zivame’s Sports Bras have texture components that envelope your breasts naturally, limit bounce and absorb shocks. The wide straps keep the weight equally distributed and avoid creating pressure points on your shoulders. As a result, you are in for great support and easy mobility, whether you do burpees in your living area or go for a jog at the park. For women with a heavier bust, we’ve got a range of Sports Bras with encapsulated cups that support, lift and separate the breasts individually.

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Is it okay to wear a Sports Bra all the time?

There ain’t any Bra police to stop you from wearing a Sports Bra every day. So, by all means, you can definitely wear them as regular wear. In fact, Sports Bras can be worn for extended periods of time, given you know its impact level and are wearing the right fit. Moreover, the trend of Athleisure taking on the fashion world has normalized wearing Sports Bras as outerwear today. Pair your Sports Bra with a pair of denims and a bomber jacket – you’d be sure to slay!

Explore the best of Zivame’s Sports Bras for everyday wear and flatter yourself with the comfort and style you need.

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