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Flaunt all your dream outfits with panache by effortlessly achieving a flattering silhouette with the fabulous range of womens bodysuits and body shapers from Zivame. Choosing the right kind of contouring garment can transform your appearance by leveling the fat into areas where the muscle is compressed. Be it a muffin top that mars the appearance of those killer low-rise jeans or the bra bulge that stops you from slaying a gorgeous backless cocktail dress, finding the perfect shapewear can make these a thing of the past. Discreet and comfortable, our body shapers are made from breathable, lightweight fabrics and are meticulously designed for being almost invisible under clothing. Slay in style as you get that perfectly sensuous mermaid figure with our saree shapewear collection. It gives you the confidence to rock seamlessly sleek saree skirts as well as fitted gowns with unparalleled grace, without the hassle of chunky traditional petticoats. Or if you desire an hourglass figure instead, the perfect waist cincher is all you need for a neatly sculpted waistline. Apart from giving you an enviable figure instantly, our body shapers also help improve your posture. Selecting the right body shaper online is no longer a challenge. Head to the Zivame website and pick from a versatile range of tummy tuckers, shapewear leggings and camisoles, waist cinchers, women’s bodysuits, shaping bottom wear, and more. All the items come in different styles, sizes, and compression levels, concealing or enhancing your natural curves to achieve the figure of your dreams instantly! less

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Shop BodyShaper and Shapewear Online

Buy a Body Shaper For Women Online on Zivame

Looking for a way to contour and slim your figure? Body shapers can help create the perfect illusion of a slimmer body, whether you're dressing up for a special event or just want to add some extra curves to your clothing. Whether worn underneath clothes, as outer garments or simply teamed up with other sexy lingerie, body shapers for women are always sure to turn heads.

Shapewear is an awesome way to achieve the slimming figure that you have been longing for. By hiding your bulges, you'll instantly feel more confident and look great in tight clothes. Zivame's shapewear for women helps to tighten problem areas, leaving a seamless appearance that looks great with tighter clothes. In addition, the boost of confidence you'll get from using a body shaper is unmatched.

Types Of Shapewear

A body shaper is a garment that helps to hide your inches, smoothening out your bumps and enhancing most areas of your body. It can help you look toned and fit in a very short amount of time, making it an ideal solution for those looking to make a quick change in their appearance. There are different types of shapers for women available on Zivame:

  • Waist Cinchers

    Want to get a smaller waist and an hourglass figure? Well, there's a perfect solution for that! All you need is Zivame's mid-waist cincher and you can instantly get a smaller waist and an hourglass figure that will make you look and feel more confident than ever before!

  • Thigh Shapers

    Looking to get that summer body shape but don't want to go through the strenuous workouts? Check out Zivame's thigh shaper! This all-in-one garment helps you hide excess flab and keeps your tummy, thighs and waist in perfect shape all summer long. Plus, it's super easy to wear; just slip them on over your clothes like a pair of shorts! The thigh shaper is also available in other variants such as shaping skirts and tummy and thigh shapers.

  • Saree Shapewear

    Looking for a way to get curves in all the right places without having to resort to plastic surgery? Look no further than saree shapewear! This amazing body shaper for women can slim your hips, waist, thighs and bottom with ease, making it an ideal option for full-length outfits. Plus, it's practically invisible under clothing so you can feel confident about showing off your stunning figure without hesitation!

  • Body Slimmers

    There's no doubt that people love looking good and feeling confident. And what slimmer figure can there be than one that offers an hourglass silhouette? That's why a lot of people turn to body slimmers, which cover the entire torso from below the bust to the thighs to create a slimming effect. Some of the most popular body slimmers available today are those designed specifically for covering the thighs; this is because it is often seen as one of the best ways to achieve an hourglass figure.

  • Tummy Tuckers

    Do you have a bit of extra tummy flab? Don't worry, this fantastic body shaper for women can help hide it away! As the name suggests, a tummy tucker works on the tummy area to rid your tummy of excess fat. Shapewear for tummies tucks in tummy flab neatly for a seamless look. This type of body shapewear smoothens your stomach by pushing the fat in for an extended period. So don't wait any longer; get your hourglass figure today by ordering your favorite tummy tucker on Zivame!

  • Shaping Camisoles

    If you're looking to tone your upper body, a shaping camisole is a perfect body shaper. It is tight from the top and has an A-line finish down the waist. A shaping cami is designed to hug your upper body and minimise your waistline. It's perfect for wearing under dresses or tops that are a little loose-fitting. The A-line finish down the waist is perfect for creating the illusion of an hourglass figure.

    Zivame houses a broad range of women's body shapers. We have saree shapewear, body slimmers, tummy shapers, thigh shapers, shapewear bodysuits, seamless shapewear, mid-waist shapers, shaping skirts and many more styles. Browse through our curated catalog and find brand-new styles and products in shapewear for women today.

What Are The Benefits of Shapewear?

Body shapers are go-to garments that help you look and feel your best. There are various benefits to wearing body shapers:

  • Shapewear helps in improving posture

    A body shaper can help improve your posture and tighten your abdominal muscles, which can give you a more aesthetically pleasing figure right away. If you want to look better in clothes, a body shaper can help make that happen.

  • You can instantly lose a few inches with body shapers

    Some experts believe that body shapers can work to reduce inches, depending on the individual's exercise routine and diet. Body shapers are made from materials such as silicone or lycra, which act as insulation and help to suppress body heat. Combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet, these products can help users achieve desired results.

  • Shapewear can boost your confidence

    Looking good doesn't have to be costly. There are a number of body-shaping products on the market that offer you a well-toned appearance without having to resort to expensive surgery or procedures. Additionally, wearing clothes that fit your figure perfectly can provide you with feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

  • Body shapers are comfortable while being discreet

    Body shapers are like second skins – they offer perfect discretion and because they're made from breathable and soft fabric, they're rarely noticeable under any outfit. Modern shapers for women are made with comfortable and sensitive fabrics that are perfect for sensitive skin.

  • Shapewear may help with blood circulation

    Wearing shapewear can improve blood circulation, especially if you're looking to reduce swelling and inflammation. Make sure to choose a reputable brand that doesn't use too much compression to avoid potential health risks.

  • Body shapers can make you look better

    Creating a great first impression is essential for any business endeavor. People tend to remember things that stand out and look good, which is why seamless shapewear can play such an important role in your success as an entrepreneur.

How Does Shapewear Work?

The science behind a body shaper is that it helps you to get rid of unwanted fat, which can help you achieve better posture and look your best. If worn correctly, it can also help correct other areas of your body such as your hips, bust and waist.

The way body shapers work is by moving fat into the spaces in your body where the muscles are compressed. At the same time, excess fat is shaped into other areas so that your tummy looks flat and slim. Body shapers distribute fat to complement our natural figures.

Tummy tuckers are popular because they make us look slimmer and curvier instantly, without having to spend money on procedures. If they are worn correctly, shapewear can also help us improve posture and correct it in the long run. All of this combined helps us gain that desirable hourglass figure.

Thanks to the superior micro-fiber construction of these body contouring garments, you can wear body shapers even when you're wearing clothing that covers your body. Today, there are tons of great options in seamless shapewear that are practically invisible underneath your clothes. This means you can feel confident that no one else will see your undergarments!

Shapewear can also support your weight loss and wellness journey. There are times when you may find it difficult to don the clothes that you've always wanted to because of the extra pounds or inches you have on your body. Shapewear can help bridge that gap and enable you to put these clothes on and look great in them.

Dieting is often a very strenuous ordeal, requiring a lot of discipline and sacrifice, but even after several months have passed your targets may still be some distance away. So during this time, a body shaper can help you slip into your desired outfit. They're a temporary solution but one that will surely result in you looking slimmer than before.

With that said, shapewear helps in bringing out your best features and highlighting them. Make sure that you choose the right size of shapewear and start with the right mindset. Don't choose shapewear in a size that's too tight as it can be constricting for your body. Shapewear is meant to highlight your curves and give your body the shape it deserves to be in all the time.

Things To Consider While Buying Shapewear Online

  • What type of shapewear is best for me?

    Before clicking on 'Add to cart', take a look at your wardrobe and see what type of shapewear would suit you best. Choosing the right shapewear also depends on what problem area you want to tackle.

  • How do I find the perfect fit for my shapewear?

    To get the best experience from your purchase, invest in a size that is broader than what you ordinarily wear. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the results!

  • How do I pick the right size for my tummy tucker?

    Refer to the size chart that comes with the product to select a tummy tucker that's the right size for you.

  • How can I make sure I'm buying good-quality shapewear?

    Choose an online store that has received stellar reviews from customers. At Zivame, we pride ourselves on curating high-quality shapewear for women.

Getting Your Shapewear Size Right

How To Measure Your Shapewear Size?

There are many different types of shapewear on the market and it can be difficult to know which size to purchase. Some people might like a body shaper that compresses them slightly, while others might prefer a tight fit that offers more pressure. But how much compression is 'just right'? Too much compression can cause discomfort and the body contouring may not be as effective. Oftentimes, it's best to know the right way to measure your body so that it can help you find the perfect level of compression for your body type and needs.

Step 1

To find the perfect shapewear for your body, first, measure your high waist, low waist and hips with a tape held taut around the body. To measure your high waist, hold the tape three points above the smallest point of your waist; to measure your low waist, hold it 12 cm below the waist; to measure your hips, hold it 22 cm below the waist or at the point where your hips look the widest.

Step 2

When choosing shapewear, it's important to identify the areas that you want to correct. For example, if your waist size is small but your hips are wider than your bust or shoulders, choose a thigh shaper and go by the size that fits your hips. If your tummy measures more than your hips, go for a body slimmer or mid-waist shaper that fits your waist.

At Zivame, you'll find that each product comes with its size chart with instructions on how to measure it. Refer to the size chart to select the right size of body shaper. This will ensure comfort and a good fit when it comes to shapewear. You can also ask our fit specialists if you're unsure about your size.

Why You Should Choose Zivame Shapewear?

We know how important it is to look perfect without spending too many hours or too much money obsessing over your looks. That's why we have curated a wide range of exclusive shapewear that will make you feel confident and powerful no matter what you wear.

At Zivame, we make sure that we add the best stock to our inventory. You can find the best tummy tuckers and body shapers for women on Zivame online. We offer a large variety of shapers for women including shaping skirts, tummy and thigh shapers, seamless shapewear, shapewear bodysuits, body slimmers, saree shapewear and much more! Check out our collection of shapewear for women to avail of exciting offers and discounts. Take advantage of Zivame sales to add the right body shapers to your wardrobe. At Zivame, we assure quality without compromising on style.


  1. Does shapewear help in reducing weight?
    There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that shapewear has any impact on weight loss. However, some people find that shapewear or body shapers help them feel motivated by helping them achieve a curvier figure or an hourglass silhouette.

  2. Is it okay to wear shapewear every day?
    Wearing body shapers every day is not a good idea according to experts. Consistent usage of body shapers can lead to health issues such as skin infections, breathing problems and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Extremely tight body shapers could even pinch the nerves in your body, particularly if you are slim, which could result in numbness. In addition, if you have blood circulation issues, shapewear that's too tight could worsen the condition and lead to increased swelling in your legs. Hence, it's a good idea to keep your health in mind if you're looking to wear a body shaper.

  3. What does shapewear do?

    Shapewear helps to give the body a more desired shape. It can be used to slim the waist, hips and thighs. Shapewear is often made from stretchy materials that compress the body and create a smooth look under fitted clothes. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different body types and needs. Shapewear is a great option for anyone who wants to improve their appearance and attain a more flattering silhouette.

  4. What are the benefits of body shapers?
    A body shaper is designed to slim the figure. It does this by compressing the body. It also usually has a shaping panel in the front that helps to tuck in problem areas such as the stomach. Body shapers can be worn under clothing to give the appearance of a slimmer figure. They are often made from materials such as lycra, spandex and nylon.

  5. Which type of body shaper should I buy?
    Different types of body shapers can help you achieve the look you're dreaming about. Select the right type of body shaper for yourself by analyzing your outfit and determining what works best with it.

  6. Does shapewear work?
    Yes, shapewear can help you to get a more refined silhouette and are a dream to wear under tight-fitting clothes. Shapewear is great for creating a stunning silhouette that will enhance your allure no matter what outfit you choose.

  7. Are there any side effects to body shapers?
    A body shaper is usually designed to shape your body and give you a more fitted look. You can avoid any side effects of body shapers by making sure that the shapewear you choose is comfortable. Make sure that you're wearing the right size and that it doesn't cause you any discomfort after wearing it repeatedly. Also, keep in mind that experts do not recommend wearing a body shaper daily.

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