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Why Choose from the Dermawear Collection by Zivame

Shapewear for women has been a part of fashion circles since time immemorial. Taking this style ahead, Zivame introduces Dermawear shapewear for different parts of your body. These shapewear items are a perfect example of advanced fabric technology being used to fulfil all your fashion needs.

Zivame knows that different women have different body shapes. Some may have an hourglass waistline, yet heavy thigh muscles; while some may have perfect breasts with a sagging tummy. The Dermawear body shaper helps in giving the body a more toned shape, which makes wearing even figure-hugging attires easy and imbues you with confidence. Below mentioned are different ways of using Zivame’s Dermawear to get a more shapely appearance.

Dermawear shapewear by Zivame for the different parts of your body:

  1. Full-Body Shaping: If you want full body shaping, you may opt for Dermawear bodysuits with a bust. These are perfect to be worn under tight-fitted dresses. They give your waist, hips and thighs a flattering shape and hide all the extra layers. Made with polyester-cotton-spandex fabric, these shapewear items are comfortable on the skin and let you look toned all over.
  2. Butt Shaping: Looking for shapewear that lifts the rear and gives it a perfectly round shape? Have a look at the Dermawear mid-rise shaping shorts by Zivame. These shapewear items also provide support at the waistline along with a back lift. It covers skin from the abdomen to the thighs. Perfect for ladies with broader hips, this shapewear can be worn under any attire. The fabric used is a mix of polyamide cotton and spandex, which feels soft on the skin. You are sure to fall in love with the smooth silhouette under your perfect outfit.
  3. Tummy Slimming: For toning the waistline and getting a slimmer look, you may opt for the Dermawear high-control tummy shaping briefs by Zivame. These high-waist Dermawear tummy shaper briefs can be worn like panties under any dress or jeans. The soft cotton-spandex fabric keeps the skin soft and rash-free, while you can conceal unwanted love-handles.
  4. Thigh Slimming: Want to slim those thighs down to flaunt your slim-fit jeans? Get a pair of Dermawear high-rise thigh shapers and go get trendy. These Dermawear women's shapewear items are sure to make your thighs look slimmer and sexier.

Get the perfect body-shaper at Zivame

Zivame aspires to give every woman the style that they desire. From innerwear to comfort wear, you will find everything in varied designs and styles. Keeping quality as a priority, we at Zivame, believe in providing value for money with each of our products.

We understand that each customer is different, and thus, their preferences are too. This is the reason we try to introduce product ranges that satiate every type of customer. Our products undergo a rigorous quality check, making sure we bring our customers the best. Therefore, if you want a perfect-fitting lingerie set or shapewear that enhances your curves, all you need to do is have a look at our collection. At Zivame, you will find it all!

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