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You don't need to run away from bodycon dresses any more. That layer of belly fat usually makes any woman shy away from wearing a body con or skinny fit dress. In such cases, bodysuits come in handy. Bodysuits are also known as body shapers as they give a perfect shape to the body and hide that extra fat. Black Bodysuits also can act as a saree skirt and are a perfect innerwear option for body-hugging dresses and tops. Zivame offers a wide variety of best body shapers. Our collection has bodysuits in different styles, materials and sizes. However, black bodysuits are more popular and go well with almost all outfits, offering both support and comfort. Our collection of black bodysuits provides a perfect foundation for wearing body-hugging dresses. They stick to the curves of the body without making you uncomfortable. These bodysuits are made from skin-friendly material that will not irritate the skin. Zivame's black bodysuits are both comfortable and breathable. Choose from three types of bodysuits - Black Underbust Corsets, No Leg Bodysuit, and Short Length Bodysuit- in different sizes. However, it can be intimidating to choose the best bodysuit if you are buying it for the first time. That is why we are here to help you. We will help you choose the best black bodysuit that will bring out your best body shape and offers the maximum comfort at the same time. Browse the best black bodysuits from brands like Dermawear, Swee and C9. less

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Look Slim in Zivame's Black Bodysuit Collection

Get ready to flaunt those curves with the best women's bodysuits. Women across the world wear bodysuits to look sleek and curvy. Whether you want to pair it with high-waist jeans or a skinny-fit skirt, Zivame offers a wide range of black bodysuits, which are easy to wear, comfortable, skin-friendly and come in different sizes. Moreover, these black bodysuits are stretchable and define your body's shape. They also instantly enhance your confidence and make you look more elegant.

Types of Black Body Suits available on Zivame

It is obvious to get a trifle confused about which bodysuit will work for you. Therefore, we want to enlighten you about the types of black bodysuits available at Zivame. Each bodysuit serves a different purpose. Some support the waist and back, while others offer support to the underbust and thighs. But rest assured, all of them are comfortable and skin-friendly. So, choose according to the dress you want to pair it with.

  • Black Underbust Corsets - To offer flexibility.
  • Corsets are basically designed to shape your abdomen and enhance that hourglass body shape. The underbust bodysuit slightly lifts your breasts with proper support. The black underbust corset comes with a seamless, chafe-free finish and is invisible under clothing. It improves your posture and enhances your personality. The best underbust corset targets the waist, abdomen, sides, thighs, and rear to brings out your best body shape. You can wear a black underbust corset beneath a bodycon dress to hide stomach bulges and love handles. You have two options: no leg and short-length underbust bodysuits. You can select the one that works best with your dress.

  • No Leg Bodysuit - The multipurpose bodysuit
  • Whether you are wearing a party or corporate outfit, a no-leg bodysuit will contour your body to show a perfect shape. It provides excellent compression to your waist, belly & back. The no-leg black bodysuit helps you achieve the best hourglass shape by taking care of your love handles and stomach bulge. It settles comfortably beneath your dress and makes you look sleek. The no-leg black bodysuit is made with cotton-infused material, which makes it skin-friendly.

  • Short Length Bodysuit - It hugs your body
  • Create a statement look with the short-length bodysuit. It is your best friend no matter what dress you wear. It fits snugly inside the dress, making you forget that you are actually wearing it. A short-length bodysuit tones your waistband and makes your stomach look flat. Moreover, you can wear it comfortably throughout the day.

How to select the perfect bodysuit?

If you want your bodysuit to give you a slimmer look, consider the following points while buying it.

  • Bodysuit length
  • The bodysuit's length depends entirely on the dress you pair it with. A short bodysuit will work for skirts, while long bodysuits will work with jeans and long dresses.

  • Overall fit
  • What do you want to support with a bodysuit? Your bust, bum or tummy? The right bodysuit should not be tight under your chest or loose on your waist. If a bodysuit folds up on your buttocks, consider buying a no-leg bodysuit. So to achieve accuracy, always read the size charts of every product.

  • Fabric
  • The bodysuit is meant to stick to your body and is beneath your dress throughout the day. Of course, you don’t want the bodysuit to induce any skin irritation or itching. Therefore, the bodysuit's fabric must be skin-friendly and non-irritating. Moreover, it should be stretchable and lightweight to avoid rashes and other skin issues.

Benefits of wearing a bodysuit

  • Perfect tucked-in look
  • The most common reason women wear a bodysuit is to avoid showing bulges around the waist and hips. It also ensures your skirt or dress stays in place. As the bodysuit stays tucked in, it gives a smooth and seamless look.

  • Awesome hourglass look
  • The right bodysuit targets the waist, abdomen, hips, and thighs. It compresses them and hides extra bulges that highlight your body's shape. Bodysuits made from lightweight and stretchable materials accentuate your curves to give your figure that perfect hourglass-like look.

  • No more overlaying clothes
  • Most bodysuits come with in-built breast support. So you need not wear a bra and panties with it.

Look your best self with Black Bodysuits available at Zivame.

Black bodysuits alter your body shape and help you achieve the perfect hourglass figure. They offer medium to high control and are invisible under clothes.Hence, women's bodysuits are modern wardrobe-essentials. Zivame offers high-quality, lightweight and flexible black bodysuits that will take your outfit to the next level. Check out a wide range of black bodysuits to look more fashionable.

FAQs on black bodysuits at Zivame

  1. What kind of bodysuits make your waist look slimmer?
  2. All bodysuits are designed to hug your body and hide extra fat. They shape your body and accentuate your curves. If you are looking for a bodysuit that will make your waist look slimmer, we recommend underbust corsets. They slightly lift your breasts and support your back. Plus, they hide your love handles, making your waist look slimmer. Short-length bodysuits are also an excellent option to make your waist look slimmer. They target your waist, sides, rear and thighs to make you look slimmer.

  3. Are short-length bodysuits an ideal thigh shaper?
  4. Short-length bodysuits tuck your tummy, accentuate the curves and lift your buttocks. They also target the extra fat on the thigh and love handles. So, they essentially give you that perfect hourglass shape. Hence, they are usable as as a thigh shaper. Moreover, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

  5. Which part of the body does the no-leg bodysuit highlight?
  6. No-leg bodysuits target the waist, love handles, rear and thighs to make you look slim. They support your bust and lift the buttocks. They are designed to hug your body and give you an hourglass-figure look. You can pair these best body shapers with short skirts or high-waist jeans.

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